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Switching From Hairpiece And Applying And Washing Out Dermmatch
Here are some tips on weaning off the hairpiece (mine was partial on top of my head, glued on with a perimeter bond by me), as well as putting this product on and washing it out. I grew the hair out under the hairpiece, using less and less glue and putting my lower natural hair up to hide things a bit. About 8 months ago I took the hairpiece off forever. I then dyed my hair a very dark brown (the hairpiece was a golden brown) and then filled in with dermMatch and Toppik. I was AMAZED that I looked like a "normal human being". People were distracted by the strong color change, which made them not notice the missing hairpiece. Some people didnt like the color but that was fine, I would lighten up later. To apply: Apply to a wet clean head. Use a fine tooth comb with a long pointy handle ("rattail comb"). wear rubber gloves. Start by pulling back your hair from your face and working the front hairline, using a more watery mix to make the front more subtle. I mix in some lighter brown for the front hairline too. Make parts with the handle of the comb starting and the middle and parting as you go down the sides of the head, filling in the color in the parts. This is much faster and neater than mucking around pulling hair apart with just your fingers. Its also a good technique to perfect if you are stuck somewhere without good mirrors. Then make vertical parts as you work across the back of your head. I then apply some aussie spray gel for styling and brush it gently through, blow dry and then if I want, curl. When just being casual I find I can just use the dermMatch alone. If I really want to look my best, I use Toppik or Organin in addition. When washing your hair, have a large strong plastic cup. Wet the hair down, lather it up, then rinse with cups of water while bent over in the shower, away from the spray. This will rinse out most of the mess and NOT SPLASH IT ALL OVER YOUR SHOWER STALL AND CURTAIN. Then just shampoo again and rinse normally. I have found this has saved me a lot of mess. If your head ever gets an itch, scratch by stroking with the backs of your nails

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Jan 11, 2010
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