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Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask

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Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask
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Searching For A Salon Hair Care Treatment For All Types Of Hair Problem
Does this product give amazing body, bounce, movement, softness and shine to hair that is dry, flat, fine, thin, limp and life: Several years ago, I went to a Hair Salon called "Beauty Lines Salon & Supplies" in Layton, Utah, for a haircut. While getting my haircut, I was telling the stylist about all my hair type problems & if their salon had a product that could fix them. Of course, the stylist did mention that indeed I had a number of hair type problems; which she noted as being: dull, dry, fine, thin, flat, limp & lifeless with no movement, body, bounce, softness or shine with static fly-away. She then continued to tell me about this product their salon used & guaranteed me that I would leave feeling like a million bucks and a new woman. So, I let her proceed with this treatment product that only their salon nick-named and called "Miracle in a Jar" However, and again; this was a nickname for the product and not its true original product name. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask what the real product name was because everyone had been addressing it by its given nickname. Anyhow, she began to message this product into my hair & scalp which had a minty cool tingling sensation. She then covered my hair with a cap & if I remember correctly; used no heat, for 15 minutes. (If heat was applied it was still for 15 minutes). She then rinsed my hair and used a blow dryer on a low cool setting. And... WOW! My hair had never looked so good or felt better. My hair had so much movement with amazing body & bounce, softness & shine with no static fly-away. And all this after just one treatment. It boosted my self esteem as well as my self confidence making me no longer feeling self conscious. Her guarantee was 100% & I indeed left the salon feeling like a million bucks & a new woman. I was hooked!Sadly to say, their salon closed their doors and moved out of state a few months later. So, I have been searching for this product ever since or for a product relatively closest to what "Miracle in a Jar" did for me and my hair, which again is: dull, dry, fine, thin, flat, limp & lifeless with no movement, body, bounce, softness or shine with static fly-away.
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Sep 8, 2011
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