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clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

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clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis
Home Electrolysis For Dummies
Ok, when I first got the machine, I was so excited to use it. I took it straight out from the box, got the salt water, read over the other tips on this site, and I thought i was ready to go. Well, nobody told me you had to actually connect the battery yourself! So take out the back of the battery, (with a penny or screw driver) and take out the ENTIRE battery. Take the plastic casing off, or else youll feel nothing. Once youve done that, snap the 2 endings of the small, black, plastic black end to the actual battery. THEN youre ready to go. Adjusting: It took me a while to find the right lighting, and position. Once your comfortable, on a bed, or in a chair, make sure you have easy access to the salt water (I actually put 2 teaspoons in a cup of water and it works great), a few cotton balls with rubbing alcohol (to clean skin, fingers and stylet tip), and a tissue or two to wipe off the burnt folicle. Once I felt comfortable inserting the small tip into the folicle, i turned the machine to dial 2. the machine will beep once its made contact with skin. This DOESNT mean youve hit the folicle. But it does take practice. Make sure your hand that your holding the pen with is not soaking wet, but damp with salt water. This is all you need to touch in order to activate the current. If the machine isnt beeping, or you do not feel a slight burning, I would check my battery connection, and the wires. Time and Applying: It does take patience, and good vision, so get out those reading glasses! Make sure the lighting is really good as well. Once youve counted to 15 or 20, take the tip out. I had a white bubble type bump on mine. the hairs pulled out without resisting, SOMETIMES. If it does resist, this doesnt meant the hair isnt treated. Just wait, and if it does grow back, I would just re-do the electrolysis. When I pluck the hair out with GOOD tweezers, I had some white goopy stuff that came out with it, this is the burnt folicle and root. Afterwards: I left mine alone for about a day or 2. the hairs shouldnt grow back, and the rest of the area should be ready to treat!

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Jan 11, 2010
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