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clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis
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How To Best Straighten A Bent Probe
I have been well pleased, but the probes (the little fine wire needle tip) bends easily, this seems to be a common complaint. The instruction suggest straightening with tweezers, but my hands are not steady enough for that to work. The best way I have found to straighten a probe is to get a metal or plastic ruler or card the thickness of a credit card. Remove the probe from the stylet handle and lay it on a flat surface with just the wire part of the probe on the ruler or card pointing away from you. With medium pressure, comb the the wire with your fingernail at a slight angle in a stroke down its length away from you. Roll the probe so the bent part is highest and repeat until it is straight again. This will fix all minor bends and save downtime. Any tip that has repeatedly bent at the same spot could break off so it should be discarded and replaced. When I first started using mine, I ruined a couple tips pretty quick just learning. Getting bends out of a tip while they are minor will keep you from ruining an otherwise good tip. If you have trouble getting a probe out of the tip holder, dont force it soak it in alcohol for a few minutes. To prevent bent tips, retract the probe when you put it down. Another big help when working on body parts or a partner (use separate tips) is to use one of those magnifying desk lights you may have seen at office supply stores, though there are cheaper places to buy them on the web. We all have hair somewhere that annoys us. Mine is still a work in progress, but Im glad to be free of the worst having concentrated on the most annoying first.

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Jan 11, 2010
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