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Andre Extra Strength Hair Remover for Men

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Andre Extra Strength Hair Remover for Men
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Protect The Anal Opening When Removal Hair
Use a heavy coating of zinc oxide ointment in the anal opening before using Nair or any other hair removal product. Be careful not to have the hair remoal get on the scrotom which is highly sensetive and can be painful. Follow the instruction for using hair removal. I have had several people find this method very good, When the hair does come back it is much softer to the toucn and not coarse or brittle, Do NOT use a blade razor at any time. Wash area thorougly in the shower after the reommended wait time. Do not leave on too long: better to tery again in a few dasy to check if there is any soreness from the hair removal cream ///do not rush the first removal.

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Jan 11, 2010
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