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Spring Training: Rachelle's Style Revamp

Jan’s month of style has me totally inspired. It’s now a personal challenge to improve my hair styling skills. At the very least, I want to be wearing a polished, pulled-together look, oh, let’s say four days a week. I’ll hope for better, save the Lady Gaga bows for a little later in my career, and keep you posted.

Jan’s simple advice for How-To do better? Practice. So, last night during family time (mom on speaker phone), I did.

I’ve mentioned my affection for my Sedu Revolution iron and Bumble and bumble Does It All Spray before. Still the same story: they’re a match made in heaven.

The aerosol spray is better than something wet that would reactivate my curls. The scent is fresh, light and powdery. And, as it says on the bottle: you can’t use too much. True story. I learned this on set at fashion shows and photo shoots where I’d leave with my nose-hairs coated with Does it All.

Anyway so I spray every section from root to end before flat ironing and with the heat, it gives a glassy shine. Keeping the flat iron at a slight angle (like when you’re curling ribbon on a present), creates soft curls. (I wasn’t going for super-straight, just wanted to loosen up and shape the pieces around my face and neckline.) Another Jan tip is: Work in small sections and go slow. I’m impatient, but abided and it was worth it.

The result of about 15 minutes of leisurely styling.

(no bangs … bangs)


Can you see your reflection? No shine spray needed.

Do you have a go-to styling combo? Any Spring hair resolutions? I’d love to know what you’re buying, loving or dying to try.

Jan in March: Ponying Up on Day 15

Styling: Pulled hair into a high pony. Wrapped a small section around the tie and pinned in place. Flat ironed (Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron) and hair-sprayed the top (L’Oreal Elnett Diamant – diamond shine finish).

Styling Time: 5 minutes

Jan in March: Day 14: Straightforward

Styling: Worked a quarter-size of Moroccanoil Oil  through hair. Blew dry with Sedu Revolution Pro dryer while combing with fingers. Ironed straight with Sedu Revolution flat iron.

Styling time: 45 minutes

Jan in March: Day 13: Gaga Ta Da!

Our winning suggestion was: The Lady Gaga Bow, suggested by reader Kaitlin W. Brava!

Not only was it the most creative and challenging style, but Jan is a SUper fan of the Lady.

Congratulations Kaitlin on your Sedu Revolution win! Thank you everyone else for the fab hairspiration. Styling below and stay tuned for more play with Jan in March this week.

Styling: Pull up front half of hair from either side like a headband and secure into a side pony at the top. Jan says: Make sure the pony is straight and shiny. I flat ironed and used shine spray.

Divide pony into three sections: two big sections on either side and one small section in the middle.

Pin the small section out of the way. Tease the two big sections a bit and bend them back to make the wraps of the bow. Pin to secure.

Stuff the extra hair inside the folds of the bow and pin.

Take the small third section from the front and loop over the middle, pin to secure.

Finish with a generous dose of TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray

Styling time: 30 minutes

Videos Jan watched for reference:



Giveaway in Fantasy Land

Okay, I’m still in Fantasy Land. Which is fun because in Fantasy Land you can Fantasy Shop.

Below: what I would use to make hair-magic and below that: a GIVEAWAY for the two of you who send me the most fantastic photos of your fairytale hair.

  1. The Sedu Revolution professional flat iron (Precious Metals version, Gold): Because, 1. It’s the best flat iron I’ve ever used. Oh, is it fantasy shopping if I already own it? and 2. It’s gold y’all. There’s a Bronze and Silver version too.

2. Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist: Because 1. You must have shine. I’d probably intentionally overuse it. We’re in a storybook, remember. and 2. It’s the best selling shine spray on Which isn’t insider-info. I just searched for “shine spray” and filtered by Bestselling. (I’m currently using CHI and quite happy with it. Just so you know.)

3. Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Mousse: Because, I dunno, Jan used it so it can’t be short of amazing.

4. Streaks ‘N Tips temporary color highlight spray: Because … no one is getting through this season without either road testing a floral shade (even if just a streak) or seriously regretting that they didn’t. I choose Gold Dust or Neon Pink.

5. KARINA 2 Piece Mini Flower Combs. No explanation necessary, right?

Okay, realizing that I could just keep fantasy shopping all day but half of these ended up in my Shopping Cart so I’m skipping to the happy ending:

GIVEAWAY: Send me a photo of your best fairytale hair. The first two will win a Conair Instant Heat Spiral Styler.

Play time, weee.

@haironthebrain, and a Contest!

Last week, one of our most favorite-eva bloggers, Valerie at Hair on the Brain gave a shout out to Jan’s countdown:

We figured that with all of her experience, she’d be able to suggest a style some sort of wonderful for Jan to road test.

She did. See her fishtail braid inspiration, here.

Tomorrow, Jan will wear a side-braid, dedicated to Hair on the Brain. And, it will be fabulous.

And then: we’ll start taking all of *your suggestions for what style Jan should try next. The best suggestion wins: the satisfaction of seeing La Jan work her magic, a place in the history books as a participant in the Countdown to the Chop, and:

a Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron! (Which may be shorter than its name.)

Leave your suggestions as comments, or email to


Jan in March: Day 8

Styling: Sprayed hair completely with Leonor Greyl Algues et Fleurs Curl enhancing styling spray. Curled 1 – 2 inch sections with 1.5” Babyliss Pro Gold Titanium Curling Iron. Set curls with Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray. Fluffed and separated lightly with fingers for softness. Smiled.

Styling time: 35 minutes.

Jan in March: Day 7: Twisted Sister

Styling: With hair still a little bit wet, Jan worked Shu Uemura Shape Paste through the crown, combed back and to the side (behind one ear). Leaving one small section loose, she twisted hair until it wrapped up around itself, secured with an elastic and then wrapped the saved section around the elastic to hide it. She used her Sedu Revolution Pro Dryer to set the look, and added the gold-ribbon headband for sparkle party funtime.

Styling time: 10 minutes

Oh, and why does it look like Jan’s in a warehouse? Because she is. : )

The Product Dev team rented a car, turned up the radio, rolled down the windows and road-tripped to Dayton, New Jersey to visit the warehouse today. I had a kid-in-a-candy-store reaction to 65,000 square feet of products and tools.

Photos and stories to come!

Show Your Sedu Love

Total Beauty is hosting their Best Of 2010 and our favorite Sedu flat iron is nominated. Click here to vote for it, and feel free to forward to your Sedu-loving friends!

P.S.: I use my Sedu flat iron every day. (I have the Sedu Precious Metals edition in Gold. Is pretty.) ;) Most often I use it to curl, actually. It & Bumble Does It All Spray is a magic combination. I spend just a few minutes softening curls around my face and neckline every morning – instant polish. I had a different flat iron before I started working at Folica and I did a lot more harm than good with it. Loving product testing here. Stand by for reviews of Moroccanoil and the Sedu Revolution Hair Dryer later this week.

Crimp Update

Yesterday’s crimping action was brought to you compliments of Pure Heat – the newest brand on Please join us in welcoming their 3-in-1 Crimper:

Three interchangeable plates allow you to crimp, wave or straighten. And, a portion of every Pure Heat sale is donated to EarthShare – a national network of non-profit environmental and conservation organizations.