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Revolution In Cut: About the Brand

Revolution In Cut was created by celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino who’s known for giving great haircuts that are stylish, and simple to style. After decades in the business, Ric decided to develop Revolution In Cut: a product line intended for anyone who wants a simple, one- or two-step styling routine that supports a fabulous haircut.

(P.S. “Revolution In Cut” abbreviated is “RIC”.)

The haps on how it works, below.


Care (for everyone): The shampoo, conditioner and deep-conditioning mask work for all hair types. And, they’re sulfate free, so friendly for keratin or Brazilian blowout treated hair.

Prime (haircut specific): Choose the primer (‘revolutionary’ – with proprietary ingredients) that specifically targets your haircut: crop, bob, layered bob, short layer, blunt or long layers.

  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Crop
  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Bob
  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Layered Bob
  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Short Layer
  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Blunt
  • Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Long Layers

Style (for everyone) with products for smoothing or volumizing.

  • Revolution In Cut Style My Cut: Smooth Me Taming Crème
  • Revolution In Cut Style My Cut: Lift Me
  • Revolution In Cut Style My Cut: Tousle Me Texturizing Crème
  • Revolution In Cut Style Me: Curl Me



{Interview! Ric Pipino backstage at Rosa Cha, New York Fashion Week}

{How-To: Chignon} with hairstylist Jean Marc of Pipino Nolita

{How-To style with Celebrity Stylist Ric Pipino}

{HairJunky at Pipino Nolita Salon}

Interview! Ric Pipino backstage at Rosa Cha, New York Fashion Week


Learn more {Revolution In Cut: About the Brand}

How-To: Chignon

Stylist Jean Marc of Pipino Nolita salon invited us backstage for a How-To do the ‘do he and Ric Pipino created for the Rosa Cha fashion show at New York Fashion Week. See!

See the hair cut video from our day at the salon {How-To with Celebrity Stylist Ric Pipino} and photos from the adventure: {HairJunky at Pipino Nolita Salon}

Shop Revolution In Cut on Folica.

And more vids on the Folica’s YouTube channel.

Hair-ventures. What do you think? Have you tried Revolution In Cut yet? What are your thoughts on the concept of products that target your cut? And, will you wear the top chignon?

New Video! How-To with Celebrity Stylist Ric Pipino

Video number one of a couple from our day at Pipino Nolita salon learning How-To. Ric shows Charlene how to style with the Long Layers products from his Revolution in Cut line.

How-To: Revolution in Cut with founder Ric Pipino

Read and see more: {HairJunky at Pipino Nolita Salon}

NYFW: 3 Fave Hair Trends & Backstage Photos

The whirlwind that is New York Fashion Week attracted trendsetters from all across the globe and HairJunky was there to scout out the newest hairstyles and how-tos for spring. From backstage and the front row, here are a few of our favorite finds and snapshots.

Top chignons (not to be confused with top buns) at Rosa Cha, by Ric Pipino and Jean Marc of Pipino Nolita and the Revolution in Cut product line. Yes, the dynamic duo from our salon visit a couple of weeks ago. (We shot a bunch of video that day that I’m still working on. One of the clips is uploading as we speak. Stay tuned!)

Ric and Jean did the hair for the Rosa Cha show and then alice + olivia immediately afterward and we were lucky enough to tag along.

Ric and Seventeen mag

Backstage at Rosa Cha SS11

Jean Marc chignon doing

{Shop Revolution in Cut on Folica}

Another highlight of the week was Logan Neitzel’s presentation, which I actually helped produce. (You may remember him from Project Runway?) He and I have mutual hairstylist friends from Gene Juarez Salons in Seattle and the whole crew of them (6 total) flew out to NY to style the show. They brought pre cut and colored wigs that they could fit on the girls and then style quickly. Clever, I thought. And it made for lighter suitcases. The models liked the idea less though – an hour into the show I had to sneak them backstage one at a time to snip the elastic on the inside of the wig to loosen it.

Bonus: The stylists left us with a duffel bag full of products.

Logan Neitzel SS11 Presentation

Hair wrap pre-wig.

Choppy bangs and simple ponytail wig. Get your own without the cut: shop Extensions on Folica

P.S. I’d wear everything Neitzel makes, but my favorite piece to date are his leather epaulettes. To me, they serve the same purpose as the messy bangs and ponytail look: add a little toughness to something soft or polished.

And if I had to stand behind one trend from the week though, it’d be the 70s hair (and clothes, makeup, accessories …). The best thing about that decade is that the there was a hairstyle for every hair texture. Curly? Go big with it and embrace an afro. Wavy? Try feathered layers ala Farrah Faucet. Straight? We all know that one: center part, long and sleek and if you’re really in the mood, try a headband around your crown.

{The tool to get all three styles: Pure Heat 3 in 1 Crimper}

Phew Fashion Week. Back to business as usual. Have a great weekend!


HairJunky at Pipino Nolita Salon

Yesterday, Ric Pipino invited HairJunky to his NYC salon. Charlene (one of our fab buyers and who you may remember from the lash enhancer product test) and I were only planning to spend a couple of hours there but the hair-doing just didn’t quit and we ended up staying all day.

Mission: Get to know Ric, scout out the space and learn about his product line, Revolution in Cut.

Status: Accomplished, very.

Report: Some sneak peek photos below. Videos, interview and tips-tricks-whatever-else-you-want-to-know to come.

Spoils: I got a Brazilian Blowout. Yeah, sort of spontaneous but it was at Ric’s behest, and now I can compare it to the Keratin treatment firsthand. Anything you want to know about it? I’m *sure some of you have had the treatment. Let’s talk about Brazilian Blowouts, shall we?

I’ll work up a full recount  for you – photos and video included of course.

Hope you’re all happy, healthy and having great hair days. Yes?

x, R

Waiting is worth it in this room.

Plus a very lovable jewelry case. Pamela Love beside Vintage Gucci Goblets …

HairJunky in the chair. Ric Pipino on deck.

“Oh, you know, can you give me a cut that like, styles itself?”

“And, this is what I have to work with, eh?” (Quotes mine. ;))

He says: How about one that compliments your face shape instead?

Charlene’s turn! Ric says: Too much weight on top.

And then: lightning-fast trim time. (aka “pointing”)

Charlene’s After:

 On the way to my After:

So straight and shiny.

P.S. Check out who made the chairs.