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#UpClose with John Allan

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When you enter a John Allan Men’s Grooming Club, you’re made to feel like the center of attention. In fact, that’s the vision the company was founded upon. You can see it in their tagline: “At John Allan, men are the focus, not an afterthought.” We were lucky enough to chat with John Allan about his line of men’s grooming products formulated to help every man complete his GQ look!

How did you enter the world of hair?
“I met a girl that was in the [hair] business – it interested me and I had the good fortune of meeting Jon Louis David. I moved to Paris when I was 19 years old.”

What inspired you to cross over from styling hair to formulating specialty hair and skin care products?
“[It was a] natural evolution, being that I was building service clubs and from a stylist point of view I knew what I wanted to use.”

What differentiates the John Allan’s line of hair care products from other men’s brand?
“Because of the thousands of clients we have – we have built a lab. We test on humans not animals. We test on our guys before going to production.”

Any special ingredients that make a difference?
“Acai fruit extracts which repairs the skin, aloe vera to nourish and protect. Botanical extracts which nourish and condition the hair.”

Why only men’s products?
I spent the last 20 yrs. building the men’s grooming industry from a service point of view and not a just another product on the shelves. I wanted to put all of our resources in the men’s business.

Any tips for choosing and using men’s grooming products?
“Knowing your hair type will lead you to the proper grooming aid. As far as use, the biggest mistake in men’s grooming is the application of products. When styling, products should be applied from the root to the ends so it’s applied evenly.”

What are some trends in men’s grooming and styling that you want to share?                                                 

As far as trends are concerned, we’ve gone back to Elvis, the 30’s, the 60’s, the 70’s, What does that tell us? Versatility is the next trend and anything goes as long as it’s done right.
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John Allan's Thick Volumizing Shampoo

Detoxifies hair and eliminates build-up for softer, healthier hair.

John Allan's Mint Hydrating Conditioner

Invigorating conditioner improves hair and scalp health

John Allan's Blu Pomade

Weightless styling gel for a polished look without the greasy feel.

Want a sneak peek into a John Allan Grooming Club? Watch this CNN Money interview on John Allan


Stock and Photoshop

I’m not the only model in my family: my twin brothers both do consistent work in Seattle. Some of it includes stock photography – shooting general or themed images that the photographer then sells the rights to. As the model, you may never know if or where the image is used. I’ve shot a lot of stock and only encountered myself ‘out in the wild’ once: on a billboard for a condo that’s going up half a block from the apartment that I moved into my first month here in New York. Kind of an amazing coincidence.

Yesterday, one of my brothers walked into a drugstore and saw his face on some product packaging:

Me: “Brother … green hair … really? What/where/when/why?”

Brother: “No idea. Stock and Photoshop.”

Me: “Scary combination.”

UPDATE: What d’ya know, Folica carries the product. Different packaging though – sorry, Bro.

Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Kit

Shaun White: Gold Winner, Gold Locks

I’ve been wondering about hair at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics but with all the hats and helmets, it’s not exactly prime for style. Today though, we’ve got a story:

Snowboarder Shaun White (23, wow) took home another gold medal last week. (His first was in 2006 in Torino, Italy – which makes me regret whatever I was doing with myself at age 20.)

Known secondarily for his hair (it’s kind of beautiful, right?), he used to run the nickname “Flying Tomato” (poor guy) but now apparently prefers “Monster” (the Muppet character, yes).

Read White’s hair how-to compliments of People mag’s tongue-in-cheek report (“Shaun White’s Hair Secrets Revealed!”):

“My secret is an awesome new product – called water.” … “[My hair is] pretty curly on its own. I just use the hotel shampoo and conditioner and wash it every other day, because otherwise it gets huge. Two days of snowboarding in a helmet helps — it looks better dirtier.”

FUN FACT: Approximately 1% to 2% of the human population has red hair. {Wikipedia}

Folica Hair Junkies recommend the following alternatives to a helmet for a dirty-chic look:

David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray

This One’s for the Boys: NATIVE SON 3D Presentation at Pier 59

Kyle Fitzgibbons, previously with fashion brand Band of Outsiders, showed his Fall 2010 collection for L.A. based menswear label, Native Son, via a 3D video and a small troupe of perfectly-tailored boys atop wooden crates. My friend and fashionist-mister Paul Conrad at Medium Concepts represents the line. Paul attended with his trademark “Jack Nicholson hair,” which provided a nice contrast to the models’ party sharply or brushed-back and smooth looks. The effect was sophisticated: crisp,  dapper and a well-suited top to the, well, suits.

The show was at Pier 59 Studios (which is where I shot the HerCut hair care campaign a couple of months ago). (Story). Guests were given 3D glasses upon entrance and a several-minute video was looped and replayed throughout the evening. I found it slick, simple and totally hot – a great variation of the presentation alternatives to traditional shows that we’ve seen since the recession. Somehow, even the 3D glasses looked good.

Also in attendance was acquaintance and Elle girl blogger, Kaylee Bower (her coverage of the show, here). My crew included Logan and Carol Hannah from Project Runway, as well as some fierce stylists and makeup artists. They get the win for Night’s Best Hair.

The scene/be-seen:

And, the winner of Night’s Best Hair: makeup artist Johnny duCoin!

Runners up: Louis, Gabriel and Sah (disqualified Logan for wearing a hood).

My vid:

The 3D vid!

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