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Jan in March: Sunday Crown: Day 12

Styling: Next-day braid hair makes for soft waves. Jan used Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme beautifying oil for some control. (And she says: It smells really good!)
Pulled two front sections back and secured with elastic. Loosened a few pieces around her face and topped with a necklace crown “because it’s fun and I can!”
Styling time: 5 minutes

Jan in March: Rainy Day 11

Jan says: It’s raining in NYC, so I don’t want to worry about messing up a complicated ‘do.

Styling: Straight from the shower, she made a center part and created two side French braids that met in the back to form one braid.

Blow dried most of the moisture out, but left the rest to dry naturally (which is why it looks darker; it’s still a little wet).  Finished with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hair Spray.

Styling time: 6 minutes

We Have a Winner!

Jan’s picked the winning hairstyle suggestion but rather than announce it tonight, we’re going to save it until Monday when she’ll be wearing the look. (That’s not false-advertising, right? We figured it be more fun that way…!)

Check back to see if it’s yours and remember: the winner gets a Sedu Revolution mini flat iron. Maybe we’ll task you with recreating your own suggestion. ; )

Thanks for all of the fab inspiration. I’m off to play hair dress-up now. Ciao!

Jan in March Gone Wild

We’re in the final hours for you to submit suggestions for Jan in March’s next look. Post them over at Hair on the Brain, or here, or email to

UPDATE: Oh my gosh! Just checked out all the suggestions - amazing. So many and SO inspiring. You guys are fabulous. This is fun! I have to recap some of the comments – this isn’t even all of them – crrazy. <3

- Recreate the Sarah Jessica Parker do from the Oscars or Sandra Bullocks lock sleek look!

- Mohawk / fauxhawk: (Tutorial.)

- The hair bow made popular by Lady Gaga. I think it’s super cute.

- Would love to see the Farrah Faucett “feathered” look.  She looks like one of the few people that could really pull it off.

- Messy, bedhead waves, Kristen Stewart style! Carefree and beautiful!

- I’ve always liked the hairstyle where the top half is smooth and the bottom half is wavy/curly. It is also pulled back from the face. Sort of like this:

- Jan, you are too gorgeous. I’m stealing this hairstyle tomorrow!

- Also, if you could pull off this, I would love instructions. I’ve attempted this updo, but I can never get it quite right.

- You should try a messy bun with the Lauren Conrad braid on both sides of your part.

- First off, that fishtail braid is so wonderful on so many levels I cannot stand it. AGH. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she did the Diane Kruger bun you featured in that tutorial a couple of days ago? I’m so glad she did a crown braid, even if it was modified–they are so beautiful and you can only pull them off if you have really amazing hair like hers. I wish she would do this more complicated (but to-die-for IMO) option:

{On a related note, my chemistry lab professor is this adorable little old lady who wears her hair in two braids wrapped around her head every single day. My friend (daringly) asked her how long her hair is when it is down, and she motioned around the area of her elbows. I am SO growing my hair out and doing it like that when I am a little old lady!}

Much more braid inspiration here.

Okay, I know I’m getting a little crazy with the suggestions, but I am so inspired over here. This look, with two buns on top of the head and parted in the middle, is also just darling. It would be just as cute parted on the side. In fact, I love how Naomi from The Rockstar Diaries has her hair in almost every post.

- Jan – you look fantastic! I love all the styles so far. Ok, I gotta admit it. I’d really like to see taylor swift curls. And you have the chops to pull it off!

- Had another look at your march 8 ‘do and realized that it may be too similar to Taylor Swift curls. In that case, next idea is the adorable molly sims french braid and side pony!

- Love the fishtail! I would like to see an updo like veronica lakes. here is a link to a video promoting updo’s for safety in the workplace in the 40’s.

- I was thinking it would be cool to incorporate a little crimped section into otherwise poker-straight hair. Maybe straighten all her hair, then a side part, then on one side a two-inch wide section that’s crimped from root to end. I know that it’s labor intensive, with straightening all that hair, but I think it would look cool. I would try it myself if I had hair long hair.

- I forgot to add that I love the fishtail braid!

- I think Jan should try a Penelope Cruz type of long hairstyle! Lots of volume and CURLS!!

- How about a messy, tousled, sexy updo? She’s got the most amazing hair…

- I think you should try this crazy braided crown. You’d look cute and fancy for the day.


Jan in March: Day 10: Pin Up

Styling: With second-day hair and texture from yesterday’s braid (and no other product), Jan just twisted up about five different sections and “pinned in crazy places”.
Styling Time: 12 minutes

I loved this look so much, had to include extra photos. Can’t believe how complicated it looks and yet wasn’t. So cool. I’m trying it this weekend. <3

And, don’t forget: Today’s the last day to submit a style for Jan to wear next week. Check out Hair on the Brain for some of the great ideas already suggested and then leave yours there, here or email to The best suggestion wins a Sedu Revolution mini flat iron and Jan’ll rock your ‘do. Announcing the winner tonight!

Jan in March: Day 9: Fanciful Fishtail

Thanks to Valerie at haironthebrain for the creative direction on Jan’s romantic, fishtail braid today!

Tough style! But, Jan’s a pro. See her handiwork below and then let us know what style she should wear next. The most creative suggestion will win a Sedu Revolution mini flat iron, and styling credit when Jan recreates.

Styling: Near the end of blow drying, Jan worked Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Mousse throughout hair for a toothy grip and some extra oomph. Bringing hair to one side, she divided into two sections. Taking a small piece of hair from the back of one section, wrap it around and marry to the inside of the other section. Continue back and forth with tiny pieces, pulling it tight every now and again. (This took about 30 minutes.)

At the end, tie with a tiny elastic and flip the end into a bit of a knot to hide the elastic. Then, Jan went back through the braid and pulled on different sections with her fingers until it was just messy enough to match Valerie’s inspiration. :) Sprayed with BioSilk Spray Spritz-Firm Hold hairspray and pinned the front section aside.
Styling time: 40 min

@haironthebrain, and a Contest!

Last week, one of our most favorite-eva bloggers, Valerie at Hair on the Brain gave a shout out to Jan’s countdown:

We figured that with all of her experience, she’d be able to suggest a style some sort of wonderful for Jan to road test.

She did. See her fishtail braid inspiration, here.

Tomorrow, Jan will wear a side-braid, dedicated to Hair on the Brain. And, it will be fabulous.

And then: we’ll start taking all of *your suggestions for what style Jan should try next. The best suggestion wins: the satisfaction of seeing La Jan work her magic, a place in the history books as a participant in the Countdown to the Chop, and:

a Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron! (Which may be shorter than its name.)

Leave your suggestions as comments, or email to


Jan in March: Day 8

Styling: Sprayed hair completely with Leonor Greyl Algues et Fleurs Curl enhancing styling spray. Curled 1 – 2 inch sections with 1.5” Babyliss Pro Gold Titanium Curling Iron. Set curls with Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray. Fluffed and separated lightly with fingers for softness. Smiled.

Styling time: 35 minutes.

Jan in March: Day 7: Twisted Sister

Styling: With hair still a little bit wet, Jan worked Shu Uemura Shape Paste through the crown, combed back and to the side (behind one ear). Leaving one small section loose, she twisted hair until it wrapped up around itself, secured with an elastic and then wrapped the saved section around the elastic to hide it. She used her Sedu Revolution Pro Dryer to set the look, and added the gold-ribbon headband for sparkle party funtime.

Styling time: 10 minutes

Oh, and why does it look like Jan’s in a warehouse? Because she is. : )

The Product Dev team rented a car, turned up the radio, rolled down the windows and road-tripped to Dayton, New Jersey to visit the warehouse today. I had a kid-in-a-candy-store reaction to 65,000 square feet of products and tools.

Photos and stories to come!

Jan in March: Day 6: Monday Pomp

Styling: Pinned hair in a small pompadour. Spray lightly with Rusk Worx Extra Firm Hairspray. Pulled sides tight and secured in a twist with an elastic band in the back. Curled the ends with Babyliss Pro Gold Titanium Curling Iron.
Styling time: 10 minutes