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Video: Dry Shampoo How-To with Oscar Blandi

Hair fans! I hinted at a special Oscar Blandi project last month {Oscar Blandi Salon Visit} and, here it is: Dry Shampoo How-To video with Oscar Blandi.


What do you think? I learned a ton. I’d only tried dry shampoo a couple of times before (unsuccessfully) but since this visit, I’ve been experimenting, learning what I can about using it so I can report back to, well you of course. I also didn’t know that dry shampoo had so many uses (cleaning, volumizing, texturizing – giving second-day hair whether you’re starting with clean hair, or reversing dirty hair by a couple of days).

Speaking of fun learnings, you’ve all found some great facts for the Dry Shampoo Contest. A couple of my favorites so far:

From Mea: “Boots reports a 45% rise in sales of dry shampoo in the past year, suggesting that, far from being an excuse to go all Swampy, the new generation of dry shampoos offers a practical alternative to a daily wash and blow-dry.”

This is from the Sunday Times, 3/30/2008. So I bet there’s been a bigger increase in sales of dry shampoo in 2009 and 2010, since the number of dry shampoos on the market has more than tripled, if not quadrupled.

From Margaret: I’m all about organic recipes for beauty related stuff so this article was pretty cool:

There actually a lot of homemade ways of creating your own dry shampoo without shelling out the cash! That’s pretty awesome corn meal is highly recommended!

From Valerie: “In India, a variety of herbs and their extracts are used as shampoos. A very effective shampoo is made by boiling soapnuts with dried gooseberry (amla) and a few other herbs, using the strained extract. This leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable. Another product used is the mustard cakes left after extraction of mustard oil…” {Link}

What else do we want to know about dry shampoo? I think we need product reviews. And, I’m pretty sure Jan is planning to test some this weekend. :)

Announcing a Winner! And, Another Contest

For the “Win Blair’s Curling Iron Contest”, readers posted reviews about their absolute favorite hair products or tools from Folica. The winner is a JuicyStar fan in need of a curling iron (how perfect) …



Joe’s favorite product is the Redken Fresh Curls Curl Boost Spray Gel. (Blair is also a Redken fan.)

Watch our video with Blair. | Shop Redken on Folica.

Thanks to everyone who entered – as always, I loved learning what your faves.

For the next contest, let’s do something with dry shampoo. It’s the hot topic these days and I have a couple of fun dry shampoo hair adventures to share with you so …

Win the new Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray! (And I might have to add a few more goodies to that prize.)

To enter:

  1. In a comment, tell me which dry shampoo on Folica you’d most like to try and why. (include a link!)
    1. BONUS: Find the most interesting fact about dry shampoo you can. (Like, “It doubles as deodorant.” Or something. :) ) Post it in a comment (include a link so I can fact-check!) and I’ll count it as a second entry to this contest.

Open to U.S. residents only. Winners chosen at random. One entry per reader unless you’re employing the bonus option, in which case you’re entitled two. Contest ends next Wednesday, June 16th.

Happy dry shampoo fact finding!

Washing with Conditioner, Gel and the end of a Keratin Treatment

Hi. I learned a lot about hair last night. Here ’tis. :)

1. Washing with Conditioner: As you know, I’m not really a fan of washing my hair. I prefer how it looks and behaves when it’s a little bit dirty (less frizz, less wild, a little shaggy – second-day hair feels effortlessly done/undone). But, until they invent a way to wash without washing, (er, dry shampoo anyone? We’ll talk about that this week too.) I lather up about once or twice a week.

Readers Gi and Lauren encouraged me to try washing with conditioner. So, last night I did. The practice makes sense, but I was skeptical. (Would it just make my hair heavy and dull and greasy? I go so long between washes, don’t I need the shampoo-cleanse? Why bother if you’re not washing it?)

But, they were right, washing with conditioner left my hair soft and clean and moisturized. I’d say it’s second-day clean. So I went from dirty to second-day and simply skipped the poofy phase. Perfect. From now on, I’ll be doing this at least every-other wash. Gi and Lauren: Thank you!

Conditioner of choice: Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Conditioner

2. Gel: Empowered by the successful hair experiment above, I decided to try another: the gel that’s been patiently waiting for me to overcome my fear that it would relocate me to 1989. I used to use gel. In 1989. I would sculpt Gateway Arch bangs. My brothers used it to create lethal side spikes.

But, with faith in a decade of product development and encouraged by the fact that there are so many formulas on the market today (Folica currently carries 103 different gels – the competition is stiff (ha) to provide a quality product) – I embarked.

I actually had two bottles, both unopened:

I chose the Nexxus since I’m familiar with (and like) John Frieda products. Applied a walnut size drop (conservative for me) to damp hair and let air dry for about 40 minutes. I scrunched a few times and didn’t feel any of the feared crunch so applied another walnut size, mostly on the ends. Dried with a Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic TGR 4000i Hair Dryer – the best dryer I’ve ever used. A few minutes with heat and then with the cool shot.

The result? I’m still in the year 2010 and my curls loved the gel. They’re soft, full and strong. No frizz, no stickiness, no crunch. I’ve used a curl cream for years; I’m changing my ways. How long do you think it’d take to try all 103 gels?

3. The end of a Keratin Treatment: Talking about my curls again must mean that the Keratin treatment has all washed out. True indeed. Bounce is back without a sign of grow out. That was my last concern with the treatment – despite promises of no grow out, could something SO effective at straightening, smoothing, flattening, taming my otherwise pretty unmanageable mane really leave no mark? Yeah.

(Well, after I took this photo I realized that my curls are still a little straighter than before. Partly because I slept on them, and maybe I have another ‘un’wash or two left before the Keratin’s all gone. Nonetheless, no weird grow out line.


  1. Washing with Conditioner: Definitely Do. Do you?
  2. Gel: Definitely Do! Do you? :)
  3. The end of a Keratin Treatment: No grow out = curls return to HairJunky and the process gets two thumbs up.

Pretty good day for hair knowhow, huh? What do you say?

x, R

ANNOUNCING: The Winner of the HairJunky Subscription Prize

The randomly selected and very lucky (and we hope a reviewer extraordinaire) winner of the supersized hairstyling kit with everything you need to have a grrreat hair day every day is …




Valerie! (screen name: mykonstantinexv)

CONGRATULATIONS Valerie! Email me at and I’ll start packing up your prize!

Thank you, thank you to everyone else for subscribing, reading, commenting and being my friend. If you’re just in it for the free stuff, we do a contest or giveaway pretty much every week. :) If you’re a hair fan through and through, well, I’m just as happy to have you.

Looking forward to sharing hair news, how-to’s, reviews, adventures, video, contests, giveaways and oh so much more with you.


R/HairJunky & Folica

Quick Hair Fixes and, it’s Friday!

Happy end of the week hair fans!

I’m so glad you’re excited about the subscription prize. It really is fabulous. I can’t wait to give it to one of you. :)

What else is new in hair?

Yesterday, Folica sent out a helpful little email – I wanted to share because I imagine it’ll inspire some of you to do the same. It’s about quick hair fixes – looking polished when you’re pressed for time.

I needed that today. This NYC summer isn’t wasting any time getting serious. It was 80 degrees before I’d had coffee.

That kind of heat means I don’t want to be anywhere near a hair dryer or flat iron, and I could work up a sweat simply styling in my humid little apartment.  Wearing my hair up off of my neck is a must, but I work at Hair Headquarters, I can’t do a ponytail every day. With those parameters, what’s a girl to do to look good?

Folica’s fixes below and then I want to know yours!

Solia Mini Flat Iron
Quickly smooths kinks and fits easily in your purse.
(Until 6/7 it’s free with orders over $85.)
Hairdo Wrap Around Pony
Instantly creates a long high-fashion ponytail.
Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Pen
Portable temporary color disguises grays or roots on the go.
Blow Faux Dry Dry Shampoo
Refreshes and restyles your hair without water.

P.S. Another surefire fix is an accessory, of course. My current favorite is a spiked headband that Jan found a few months ago. I immediately thought, “unicorn!” but every time I wear it I get, “Statue of Liberty!” I’ll see if I can dig up a photo. It’s pretty fierce.

And last month, we had Accessories Week on HairJunky: Folica employees wearing a different accessory every day – and then I gave a bunch away. That was a fun contest.

Accessories on Folica.

Okay, your turn! Tell me some good looking secrets.

Subscription Prize

As promised, the $500 goodie basket HairJunky subscribers through the end of this week are eligible to win:

Good one, right? The winner should promise to keep in touch and report back with reviews!

Announcement! HairJunky’s Official + a $500 Giveaway

Today Folica announced HairJunky to its shoppers. That means, readers, we’re about to be joined by a bunch of new hair fans.

Welcome all!

Here’s a little snapshot of the email:

Along with the intro comes a really, really rad promotion: This week, subscribe to HairJunky and you’ll be entered to win $500 of products and tools.

I’ll take a picture and let you know exactly what’s included in that $500 offer. You might not believe me if I don’t. (A limited edition flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron, three brushes, Moroccanoil … and oh so much more.)

Testing a Lash Enhancer: Week 4 – That’s a Wrap

Today concludes Charlene’s test of the Osmotics FNS Nutrilash Lash & Brow Enhancer!

Charlene says: My lashes definitely feel thicker and stronger. I’m not sure if I notice any change in the length … what do readers think? This system is meant to be used for two months. I think I might do it! If my lashes are more resilient after four weeks, it makes sense that they’d be able to grow longer in two months. Thanks for tracking the progress and I’m looking forward to winner Cristy’s review!


One Week.

Two Weeks.

Three Weeks.

Four Weeks.

What do you think?

Candy Coated Hair

Thanks to Jan for today’s hair news. Though in true wholehearted Jan style, she didn’t just send me a single hair story she sent like six. For now:

Refinery29′s Hair Trends update today is about DIY coloring. (And, we’re talking hot pink, not subtle highlights).

Bonus: Erin Bogart, Jan’s and my color crush from Sally Hershberger is quoted. Reminds me, I’m about due for a touchup. (Yessss.)

{video: Jan’s Makeover Haircut from Sally Hershberger}

Eva Scrivo, colorist and owner of Eva Scrivo Salon here in NY also weighs in. I pass that salon every day on my way to work. Maybe next time I step in and make friends.

Good story, Refinery29. Love them. And, they must love the colored hair idea as much as we do. Second time this season they’ve How-To touted about it. {Go Rainbow-Bright with Colorful Hair Streaks}

The color there reminds me of the SS 2010 Valentino ads. That I wish I were in. ; ) The hair color is a story in itself. Immediately feels surreal. (Or do you detest it?)

Completely fairytale, but a girl can dream.

If any of you dear readers are rocking pastel hair right now, I would pretty please love to see it!

More romantic color news and shopping options from HJ’s Spring Bloom Hair post.

Accessories Week Winners!

They scoured Folica for reviews on the best accessories. The copied, pasted and commented. Yeah, the contest was pretty easy. Choosing a winners wasn’t though. (Is it ever?)



I honestly wanted to give you all something. Love loyal readers, hair fans, and the reviews you choose. But alas, it could only be three. This time.

The winners are:

  • Adrian! (For thinking outside of the box and grabbing a towel review. Towels are accessories too.)
  • Natasha! (For sticking with it until she found a review that represented her.)
  • Lauren! (For a thorough and thoughtful comment. And since she chose the Bumpit, I’m assuming she’s brave enough to wear the France Luxe Lace Rossette Headband in orange. :) )

Congratulations winners! (Email me your address at and I’ll send you your accessories!)

Thanks all for playing and the next HairJunky adventure is just around the corner, as I’m sure you know by now.

xo, R