Shake your hair feather

Hot new hair trend alert:  HAIR FEATHERS.

Oh hello, I’m Erinn. I am a project manager at Folica. My foray into hair feathering began a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine emailed me about the new trend. Apparently its very “big in LA”. Proof here on blog Racked (The redhead really got it going on, right?). And here on Daily Candy. I was instantly intrigued after seeing these posts, but figured I would never make it to the salon. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair.

Fast forward a week, I’m meeting Jan (of hairjunky fame) for lunch on a Saturday. Right in front of her apartment on the street, a lovely lady was giving hair feather extensions for $10 a pop. Sold! We got to work:

Don’t mind my scowl. It didnt hurt.

She said the feather is attached in my hair in the same way of a professional hair extension would be:

And we’re done.

The thing lasts. I’ve had it for almost three weeks now and get loads of loads of compliments. I can wash and style per usual.

After my hair feather falls out, I want to continue to put weird little things in my hair. Definitely considering a simple mini braid a la Rayanne Graph of My-So-Called-Life. Or maybe channel my inner twelve ten-year-old and do a friendship bracelet thingy – remember these?

The inspiration is endless.

Folica sells Bling Strands which is another great option for fun – subtle and sparkly. If the feather trend continues to take off, I’ll keep you posted on what our merchants can procure for your purchasing pleasure.

    • Jan
    • March 30th, 2011

    i love it!

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