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Back to school: We’ve got you covered

In your tiny dorm room there’s no space for anything but the essentials. Check out these must-have beauty products!

Not in college? No sweat! These back to school products are a must have for any age.

1. Lay/N/Go Cosmo: A 20” diameter washable cosmetic bag that converts into an easily transportable handled clutch allowing for quick and effortless use, clean-up and storage of your cosmetics.  Check out how to use this efficient beauty bag here.



2. Acne Cleansing Kit: No one wants to spend more than 10 minutes to get ready for that extra early class, so skip piling on all that makeup and keep your skin rejuvenated with the “True Girl Keep It Clear Daily Kit!”



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5 Ways To Curls Without The Heat

Everyone knows that the safest way to protect your hair while curling is by using no heat, and trust me ladies achieving no heat curls is not just a dream! They can easily be created while simultaneously keeping your hair as healthy as possible. Here is a list of some of our favorite over-night no heat curl techniques.

1.  Overnight Braids. This is an easy classic. Try with slightly damp hair, not completely wet or dry. The next morning your hair will have that beach wavy look!

2.  Small Twisted Buns. Let your hair naturally dry 95% of the way and then bobby pin small sections into a bun to dry the rest of the way.

3.  Sea Salt Dreads. (I know dreads? but trust) After the shower, don’t comb, just flip your head over and back. Spray with a bit of sea salt spray and scrunch the naturally separating pieces. To get this salty day-at-the-beach look, we suggest using the Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray.

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The Difference Between Ceramic, Tourmaline, & Ionic Dryers

Tons of merchandisers throw around the words ceramic, tourmaline and ionic and while they sound great, what do they actually mean?

Knowing the difference and meaning is important so that you don’t spend more money than necessary for a feature that you don’t need or won’t use. Let’s talk about these terms in relation to dryers.

1)Ionic: When used in hair dryers, negative ions break up the water molecules into smaller drops that evaporate on the outer layer of the hair quicker. This helps close the hairs cuticles to retain moisture in the process.

What’s so good about it? It lessens the amount of heat and damage to the hair. These negative ions cause the cuticle to remain flat, eliminate frizz and make the hair look and feel healthy.

Best For: All types of hair but those with kinky, curly hair especially.

Ionic Dryer –> Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer 

Our top rated Ionic Dryer, with over 800 users giving it 4.5 stars!  Italian engineered dryer is designed to produce millions of negative ions that benefit the hair, making it shinier, smoother, and healthier.

2)Tourmaline: The tourmaline found in hair dryers can either be a coating on the inside of the device or it refers to the mineral used make up parts of the dryer. Read more

Hair Loss & Toppik

As the motto goes, here at Folica it’s all about the hair™. It is our job to obsess over hair, but hair obsession reaches a whole new level when one starts losing it.  With age and years of treatment, hair once full and shiny starts to thin and fade. But Alas!, there are a number of different treatments. Toppik, a favorite at Folica, caters to different stages of hair loss and areas of the head

Hair loss can vary from mild to severe.  Hair usually begins to thin at the forehead and at the top of the crown.  It is a problem that can afflict both men and women and there is no single underlying cause. Hair loss can be brought on by medication, stress, illness, and can also be caused by genetics or by simply growing older. 


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Stay Frizz Free For Fourth of July

Here at Folica, our goal is to create more happy hair days for YOU by committing ourselves to making your hair more healthy and beautiful! So, with summer in full swing, and fourth of July right around the corner, we wanted to remind you of just a few simple hair tips and tricks to help you hit your independence day celebration frizz free!

By using these tips, you can prep your hair and start fighting frizz just in time for for the weekend!

1. This is obvious, but we feel like we have to say it, drink lots of water. If you’re hydrated your hair (and skin) will be too. The more hydrated your hair is, the easier it will be to create polished styles with a brilliant shine!

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Enjoy your summer, hairless!

With summer in full swing, having that hairless bikini body is essential! Shorts, skirts, tanks, t-shirts, bikinis, and rompers fill your summer wardrobe, and so keeping that hair off is definitely on everyones minds. While many of us go to the local beauticians and get our waxing, threading or even laser taken care of, others like me are always looking for quicker, easier and more painless hair removal solutions that can be done in the comfort of our own homes. That is why I am here to inform you about the emjoi eMagine epilator which has done wonders for my body!

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David Beckham’s 9 Most Memorable Haircuts

In honor of the Fifa World Cup, we decided to compile a list of the most iconic hairstyles from our favorite soccer star David Beckham!

1996 Virgin Mane

The year David Beckham became a household name with Manchester United, also the last time for a while we’d see his hair this close to its natural state.

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Sedu is turning 10! Celebrate with 10 Different Hairstyles!

To celebrate the milestone we compiled a list of 10 hairstyles that rocked the decades. See how you can wear these styles with modern celebrity updates!

1920s  A line Bob The 1920s brought us the A line Bob. All thanks to a renowned ballroom dancer Irene Castle who chopped off her locks sparking a major trend. Katie Holmes wore the hairstyle at the 2007 Bambi Awards in Germany.

To get the look use the Sedu Revolution Diamond Styling Iron Deluxe Set. The styling iron along with the straightening comb will give you that straight bob. Finish off with the Anti frizz Polishing Treatment for the super sleek do!

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Hair!

The first official day of summer is less than a month away! Just enough time to do some last minute “Spring Cleaning” for your hair and hair tools. Use our tips below to start your summer off with a fresh head of fabulous hair!


1. Trim your hair.

The colder months leave your hair dry, dull and limp. Don’t let dry split-ends keep you from letting your hair down on a gorgeous day. Add a quick trip to the salon to your to-do list. It’s surprising how trimming dry ends can add bounce and life to your locks. Read more

#UpClose Interview with Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble


She’s known among many as the as the Queen of Hair. You may know her from hit TV series L.A. Hair. Her magic fingers have styled some of the most glamorous celebrities in the biz…think Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Rowland (to name a few)! Check out her famous roster:

celeb clients

We’re talking about Kim Kimble y’all! We caught up with the celebrity stylist and savvy business owner of Kimble Beauty products to talk about her line of products available at Folica. Get your notepads ready for awesome haircare tips & tricks from Ms.Kimble herself!

Hair Junky: I’d like to start off with one of your quotes from a recent interview. You said “Whatever makes you feel good and creates your confidence, do it. At the end of the day, hair is an extension of your style and image. So whatever makes you feel good, rock it.” So how does this attitude of freedom of expression help you find inspiration for styling hair?

Kim Kimble: Style has a lot to say about your hair, job, and personality. I get inspired by clothes and music so what I see helps me to express how I feel. Some days I feel sleek and chic so I do sleek and chic hair. Or if I feel bohemian I’ll do something natural. That’s how I am.

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