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5 Fall Season Premier Hairstyle; From Revenge to Scandal!

Fall is here, and so are all of the season premiers to our favorite shows! We picked five of our favorite leading ladies and are recreating their character hair styles right here.

1. Emily Thorne; Revenge. Portrayed by Actress Emily Vancamp, her character, whether you love her or hate her, is every bit effortless glam. And so is hair, like this feathery waves. To get the look first start with a moisturizing shampoo, to get rid of the frizz. Once washed spray with a thermal spray to protect the hair from damage and more frizz. Then just blow it out with a round brush, we recommend the Solia dryer and Sedu moisturizing line for this perfect blowout.

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The Folica Mizani Twitter Chat

Yesterday, Folica and Mizani with hosted a one hour twitter chat to answer all of your hair protective tips questions. Answers were provide by Jamal Edmonds, expert hairstylist of Salon Maj. See the entire conversation below and learn all about Mizani’s new Fiberfyl Essential Strengthening Fix.

Q1: What is a protective style? And who can wear it?

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5 Summer Hair Issues and How To Fix Them

Summer has come and gone and left many of us with damaged hair.  After spending time in the sun, chlorine, and salt water your hair may be dull, frizzy, dry and even brittle.  See these helpful tips on how to recover your hair from the summer season.
The Problem: You scored some major beach time this summer, but all that sun and salt water have majorly dried out your hair.
The Fix: You need to put the moisture you took out of your hair back in! We recommend the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $36, once a week to seriously hydrate dried-out strands and restore shine.

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8 At Home Beauty Transitions into Fall

Fall is almost here, faster than anyone of us expected. Not many of us are quite ready to part with summer or our summer styles. Here are eight ways to smoothly transition your summer style hair, nails, and skin into Fall.

1. Extend your summer color, without another month long commitment. We love Rita Hazan Root Concealer $25, a quick solution in between color services. A spray for easy root touch up that comes in 5 colors. Great for covering those dark roots to extend your lighter summer hue.

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4 Beauty Tips to Transitions Into Fall

A new season is upon us, and thanks to the summer sun, your hair is definitely in need of mending! So whether you’re looking to try something new, or simply want to know what styles will look best for Labor Day, stay tuned because we are here to help!
Fall’s Greatest Accessory: Hair Color
If you’ve ever had the urge to darken you hair, Fall is the time. With autumn right around the corner, be bold by going chestnut, auburn, chocolate brown, or caramel. You may want to invest in a rosy blush to give your cheeks definition, which will compliment your hair too. We love using the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour to darken our hair!
Two to three shades darker are ideal. You don’t want a drastic change, and changing to a much darker color could wash out your skin tone, so be sure to choose a color only a few levels darker than your summer hue.

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5 Easy Hairstyles To Create In A Hurry

It’s happened to all of us: You’ve overslept and have no time to do your hair (and makeup; but that’s a whole other story) Check out these five minute hair styles for a quick hair inspiration.

1. Tousled braid: This is so trendy right now and is super easy to create. Toss your hair to the side, weave a low braid and don’t worry if loose pieces fall out. Smack on some lip-gloss and you’ll be good to go!












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6 Falls HairStyles with Pink Pewter

Fall is almost here, for most us that means colder weather. Gone are the days of beach waves and letting our hair dry with the hot air! In are the days of waking up early to dry and style your hair before you leave home. Here are six fall hairstyles with Pink Pewter to get you out the door faster, and still looking great!

1. Spice it up, wear your head band on the top of your forehead instead of the crown of your head. Try the Pink Pewter Lulu headband, as pictured above on Pink Pewter Founder and Designer Mireya Villarreal. Simply part your hair in the middle, divide into eight sections and curl your hair with a 1″ curling wand, holding each curl for around a minute. Wait about five minutes and brush out the curls, to flow into one another. Great style in under 15 minutes!

 2. Dress up a bun with the Pink Pewter Valerie headband. This time instead of parting in the middle, part slightly to the side, and angle the  center the headband with the part. Curl the bun for the finished look!





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4 Ways To Wear A Bun!

Gather up your bobby pins, hair spray and scrunchies because the bun is back! You heard me ladies, women across the country are totally digging this sleek red carpet look.

So whether you’re going for a polished look, or simply just trying to disguise a bad hair day, check out these tips on how to master the latest bun looks!

1. Bohemian Bun: The secret to creating this bun is to forget about perfection. The whole look around this hairstyle is the rustic and untidy appearance.

  • Start by creating a higher ponytail in the back of the head.
  • Take small sections of the ponytail pinning them up at the base while letting loose ends fall naturally.
  • Pull your hair out of the ponytail, which frames your face and gives you that messy bohemian bun type of look.
  • You can also braid parts of your hair if you want to add some spice to the look!

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Back to school: We’ve got you covered

In your tiny dorm room there’s no space for anything but the essentials. Check out these must-have beauty products!

Not in college? No sweat! These back to school products are a must have for any age.

1. Lay/N/Go Cosmo: A 20” diameter washable cosmetic bag that converts into an easily transportable handled clutch allowing for quick and effortless use, clean-up and storage of your cosmetics.  Check out how to use this efficient beauty bag here.



2. Acne Cleansing Kit: No one wants to spend more than 10 minutes to get ready for that extra early class, so skip piling on all that makeup and keep your skin rejuvenated with the “True Girl Keep It Clear Daily Kit!”



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5 Ways To Curls Without The Heat

Everyone knows that the safest way to protect your hair while curling is by using no heat, and trust me ladies achieving no heat curls is not just a dream! They can easily be created while simultaneously keeping your hair as healthy as possible. Here is a list of some of our favorite over-night no heat curl techniques.

1.  Overnight Braids. This is an easy classic. Try with slightly damp hair, not completely wet or dry. The next morning your hair will have that beach wavy look!

2.  Small Twisted Buns. Let your hair naturally dry 95% of the way and then bobby pin small sections into a bun to dry the rest of the way.

3.  Sea Salt Dreads. (I know dreads? but trust) After the shower, don’t comb, just flip your head over and back. Spray with a bit of sea salt spray and scrunch the naturally separating pieces. To get this salty day-at-the-beach look, we suggest using the Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray.

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