5 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

For most of us, a few select products and solutions can go a long way towards making us healthier and more beautiful than ever. But Mother Nature’s needs are a little more complicated, and she truly requires help from each of us. Though most people are aware of the big ways to help our environment — hybrid cars, solar energy, local farms — many are unaware that there exists a plethora of smaller, more manageable ways to contribute to a greener planet and that some of these ideas include your beauty products!

In what is a total win-win for both beauty and the environment, your beauty cabinet is chock full of products that can be easily recycled after you’re finished. So to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, we’ve decided to list 5 of these items that you didn’t even know you could recycle.


Hair Dryers and Flat Irons

Folica makes going green easier and more rewarding than ever with our celebrated Recycle, Save & Upgrade program that allows you to send in your old hair dryer or flat irons and receive a coupon for $40 off on your next purchase of newer, shinier models! By recycling your hair dryer or flat irons, you get the best of both worlds by getting a big discount on the latest models while also reducing your carbon footprint.

To participate in our green initiatives, please visit http://www.folica.com/features/recycle.


Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

Americans go through billions of shampoo and conditioner bottles each year. If these leftover containers aren’t recycled, the odds are that they will end up in a landfill somewhere — and that just isn’t a very pretty thought. However, the beauty industry has recognized this big opportunity for big change and now package many shampoos in recycling-friendly bottles.

The first thing one should do is check to see if their bottle can be recycled using traditional means, as this is the most effective and easiest way to recycle. To do so, check the bottle’s recycling number, usually located in a little triangle on the bottom of your bottle. Most cities recycle plastic #1 and #2, which is used to make most shampoo bottles. If recyclable, ensure that your bottle is clean inside. If not, then rinse with a little water first and then deposit into your recycling bin.

Another trick that some people utilize is to dilute the last bits of shampoo with some water while still in the bottle. Shake vigorously and then use the diluted shampoo as a body wash! This makes your shampoos last longer and also reduces water waste when rinsing the bottle clean.


Bottle Caps

Though most shampoo bottles can be recycled through the standard channels in your city’s local recycling program, what many don’t realize is that the bottle caps that top off your shampoos and conditioners can be made of a different kind of plastic that must be handled separately. As such, these may have to be recycled through special programs or recycling facilities.

To aid in this problem, many companies have begun their own programs targeted at bottle caps. For instance, in 2008 Aveda created the country’s first bottle cap collection program which ended up collecting over 100 million caps. They now offer what’s called the Full Circle recycling program that allows customers to return any plastic not accepted by their local municipality to an Aveda Experience Center retail location.


Hair Spray Cans

So you’ve just started applying your favorite hair spray and suddenly the mist thins and sputters, signaling that you’re out! What to do next?  Before purchasing another can, try disposing of the last one first. Most aerosol containers can be recycled in designated steel or aluminum bins, which can be found at your municipality’s recycling facility or placed curbside if your city collects recycling with trash.

However, before recycling, make sure that the can is empty. If the can still has contents inside, compressing it can be dangerous.


Nail Polish Bottles

Though we love nail polish for its ability to make our nails creative and stunning, few people realize that nail polish must be disposed of carefully. This is because it has been categorized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as home hazardous waste (HHW). As such, it should never be disposed of normally and instead be dropped off at your local waste management facility. Even better, some companies have begun offering rewards programs, such as nail exchanges, that allow you to send in old bottles and receive a new one in its place! Usually these programs coincide with Earth Day, so keep an eye out this year!

Though these are just a few of the everyday beauty products that can be recycled, in fact there is a way to recycle most beauty products. If recycling is important to you, check with the manufacturer of your chosen product to see if they have a rewards program or a special process for recycling your product’s container. Remember — it’s important to have beautiful hair, skin and nails, but nothing is more stylish than going green!

The Ultimate Cuticle Care Tips

Your hands are always on display so it’s essential to make sure they have an impeccable appearance. Cuticles may seem pointless, but when treated with care, they help keep your nails remaining healthy and strong. With the proper treatment, your cuticles can be hangnail free with little maintenance.

You don’t need to bolt to a nail professional every time you have dry skin around your nail beds; all you need is time and patience.  To help you with the process, we’ve provided expert cuticle care tips on nourishing and maintaining healthy cuticles.


Preparation Mode

Before catering to your cuticles, it’s important to remove nail polish so that your nails can breathe and the surrounding skin can absorb cuticle oil and moisturizer.  Prior to moisturizing, it’s essential to prep your cuticles.


It’s recommended that you tend to your cuticles after showering when your skin is softer.  Another option is to soak your fingers in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that your cuticles are soft and pliable. Once your cuticles are ready for the proper care, it’s crucial to ensure that your cuticles are moisturized.


Moisturizing Your Cuticles

Moisturizing your cuticles will help avoid having your stunning manicure surrounded by unkempt cuticles. When cuticles become cracked and dry, it leaves your nails prone to becoming sore or inflamed.  The skin on the cuticle is delicate and it requires quality products that are designed to provide deep moisturizing.

To avoid the appearance of worn out cuticles and maintain attractive hands, keep a cuticle oil or balm in your purse to keep your hands and cuticles moisturized when they get dry.  To maintain your cuticles on a daily basis, we recommend applying the Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme. Not only is this the professional manicurists’ choice, it’s the #1 selling cuticle creme.   The cuticle creme is enriched with avocado oil, squalane, allantonin and anti-oxidant vitamins to condition and moisturize the cuticles.

For detached cuticles, cuticle oil is a better option. The oil provides a deep hydration, allowing the cuticle to repair itself and reattach to the nail. We recommend using MAVALA Cuticle Oil.  This cuticle oil softens the skin around the nail, allowing the cuticles to be delicately pushed back.

“Avoid cutting your cuticles as they provide a protective cover to protect your nails from fungus and bacteria.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Push Back!

You want to avoid cutting your cuticles as they provide a protective cover to protect your nails from fungus and bacteria. When cuticles are improperly cut, it could damage your nails and put you at risk for infection.  To avoid this, use a cuticle remover instead.

Applying a cuticle remover helps loosen dead skin around your nails, making it easier for you to push back with a cuticle pusher.  Blue Cross Cuticle Remover has been around for years and is recommended by nail professionals. This product allows you to push back your cuticles safely without damaging them.

The Mehaz Cuticle Pusher is a salon-quality nail tool designed to make it easier to push back the cuticles.  By gently pushing them back, they’ll become much less noticeable and still maintain the responsibility of keeping your fingernails healthy.


Keep the Appearance

You’ll want to ensure that you keep your newly nourished fingertips looking their best. Now that you have perfected the art of cuticle care, make sure to not pick or bite cuticles.  Not only does it ruin the appearance of your hands, it also harms the cuticles which directly impacts how well your nails grow and look.

Taking care of your cuticles is important as it can lead to stronger, healthier nails. If you neglect them, your cuticles can potentially cause problems, including painful infections. Keeping up with these simple cuticle care tips will leave you with healthy cuticles to pair with a flawless manicure!

#TuesdayTip Your Guide to Perfect Nails


Your Complete Guide to Perfect Nails

Nails are one the most highly visible aspects of your appearance and an active lifestyle can lead to a neglect of your nails. A well polished manicure can help you look put-together while letting others know you pay attention to detail.

Many people remain in the dark as to how to actually achieve the perfect set of nails. To help you on the path towards nail flawlessness, we’ve put together this complete guide to perfect nails, sharing some of the best pro tips that we know.


Preparation Makes Perfect

Before you begin, make sure that your nails are oil free and dry, since moisture is one of the primary culprits in creating bubbles.  Apply a thin coat of nail polish remover to your nails to remove any oil or residual polish.  Your environment also plays a role in nail polish bubbles. The best place to paint your nails is in a cool and dry place.

Finally, if you want to avoid dry or painful cuticles, rub cuticle cream or moisturizer along your cuticles prior to beginning. This will prevent them from getting painted on and keep them healthy.


Base of Operations

Following the practice of the pros, begin by applying a base coat. Among the most prized is the Orly Bonder Base Coat. This is a base coat that will help the lacquer grip to the surface of the nail, resulting in longer lasting polish that doesn’t chip.

Alternatively, the Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat is valued for its incredible ability to hide imperfections in one’s nails. Its formula consists of a powerful bonding agent that will grip your polish and make it last longer.


Painting Prowess

After the base coat is applied, you can begin painting! When painting your nails, your best bet for achieving a beautiful look is by painting in thin layers.  This will give your nails texture and also help with avoiding the appearance of bubbles.

According to the pros, the best method for painting your nails is to curl your nails toward you and start by placing a dab of nail polish just above the cuticle in the center of your nail. Push the polish slightly towards the cuticle while avoiding actually painting the cuticle.

Then move the brush along the edge of the nail to the left, and repeat the process for the right side. Finally, fill in any gaps inpolish in the middle and repeat the process for a second layer.

Perhaps even more important than the painting strategy is the type of nail polish you use.  Ensure you choose professional nail polish that is long-lasting and less prone to chipping.  Cheap polish will crack and fade, requiring more frequent maintenance.

One of our favorite brands is the John Russo line of nail polish, primarily for their innovative and subtle color palette and their winning formula that hydrates and strengthens nails.

On the other hand, the Seche and Orly collections offer a variety of colors, such as the Orly French Manicure Kit or the Seche Prim and Polished collection.


Finishing Touches

Once you’ve applied your nail polish, you can start with the finishing touches! To fix any imperfections, use a small art brush or “French brush.” This will smooth the lines of your paint job.

Finally, after you have finished painting, use a top coat in order to seal in the nail polish. Among the most renowned top coats is the Seche Vite Top Coat, which quickly dries your polish, helps strengthen your nails and prevents chipping.

To apply the top coat, paint horizontally across the tip of your nail (not the cuticle side) and then move on from there. This is done since the tip of the nail is the most danger-prone to chipping and therefore the most important to protect.

After you’re done, wait until the nails are dry and then head out into the world and show off the new and more polished you!


#UpClose Interview with Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble


She’s known among many as the as the Queen of Hair. You may know her from hit TV series L.A. Hair. Her magic fingers have styled some of the most glamorous celebrities in the biz…think Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Rowland (to name a few)! Check out her famous roster:

celeb clients

We’re talking about Kim Kimble y’all! We caught up with the celebrity stylist and savvy business owner of Kimble Beauty products to talk about her line of products available at Folica. Get your notepads ready for awesome haircare tips & tricks from Ms.Kimble herself!


Hair Junky: I’d like to start off with one of your quotes from a recent interview. You said “Whatever makes you feel good and creates your confidence, do it. At the end of the day, hair is an extension of your style and image. So whatever makes you feel good, rock it.” So how does this attitude of freedom of expression help you find inspiration for styling hair?

Kim Kimble: Style has a lot to say about your hair, job, and personality. I get inspired by clothes and music so what I see helps me to express how I feel. Some days I feel sleek and chic so I do sleek and chic hair. Or if I feel bohemian I’ll do something natural. That’s how I am.

Hair Junky: What inspired you to launch your own hair care line

Kim Kimble: I’m a 3rd generation hair stylist. My grandmother was really into health and nutrition. She made natural concoctions and I used to make them in the salon. My grandmothertaught me that healthy hair will make your style look better.That inspired me to start creating hair roducts. I saw how the wheat germ oil and eggs helped my clients’ hair so I wanted to develop something similar.

Hair Junky: What do you think was missing in the hair care market and how did you address that with Kimble Beauty products?

Kim Kimble: A lot of the mainstream products don’t have enough nourishment and hydration. There are a few out there but I’d have to buy different products from different lines just to create a regimen for my clients. Some of the ethnic based products had too much grease and lanolin which weighed the hair down. So I decided that I would be create a line for all hair textures to achieve style and healthy hair.

Hair Junky: Were your products created for a specific hair type in mind?

Kim Kimble: I do all types of hair. I went to two different beauty colleges so that I could learn about straight silky hair to kinky curly hair. To me hair is about texture. In every race you have different hair textures but similar hair concerns. So I based the line on texture and creating solutions based on what you want to achieve. The products are focused on repairing dry, damaged hair to make it shiny, soft and hydrated.

Hair Junky: Of all the oils being on the market today, why did you choose to use Acai oil and Brazilian nut oil?

Kim Kimble: When I was doing research for product development I learned that Brazilian nut oil promotes shine and hydration while Acai berry is good for the body and hair. I experimented with it on my clients and loved the results. I feel like it’s important to know that when you put things on your hair it’s an extension of your body.

Hair Junky: I noticed the Brazilian nut and Acai berry shampoo is sulfate-free. Instead you chose to use Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate which is derived from coconut and palm oil and much safer on the hair. Can you talk about why it was important to be sulfate-free and if sulfate-based products actually affect styling results?

Kim Kimble: Absolutely! I’m not saying sulfate is terrible, but I just noticed it dries out the hair and makes it frizzier over time. Also, people have a tendency to be less allergic to sulfate-free products. I do think it’s important for hair to be clean so you need some type of detergent. That’s what’s going to keep the hair healthy, bacteria-free, and growing. But sometimes you may have to use a sulfate-based shampoo, especially if you have a lot of product buildup.

Hair Junky: The instructions on the Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Conditioning Masque say to rinse hair with cool water. Why is using cold water important?

Kim Kimble: It’s absolutely important! I rinse nearly every conditioner with cold water except hot oil treatments. Cold water helps to seal the cuticle back and that creates shine. Hot water dries your hair and skin..but it would be kind of tortuous to wash your hair in cold water! So wash your hair with luke warm water and rinse conditioners with cold water.

Hair Junky: Can you share a simple regimen for maintaining healthy extensions and color-treated hair using Kimble Beauty products?

Kim Kimble: For color-treated hair, sulfate-free shampoos are best. You definitely want a moisturizer like the Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Conditioning Masque to keep it from getting dry. For extensions, you can use the curl line because it helps to detangle extensions so that it’s easy to style as well as preserve the life of the hair. Using hydrating products on extensions is very important because natural hair oil doesn’t travel down extensions as it does on the natural hair shaft.

Hair Junky: It’s very common to see satin used in scarves and bonnets. Can you talk about why you chose silk as your fabric of choice in the Slumber Cap and silk rollers ?

Kim Kimble: Over the years I have experimented with various fabrics to wrap my hair. With silk I notice that my hair stayed silky and shiny. Cotton and other fabrics absorb your natural moisture while silk prevents breakage, damage, and split ends.

Hair Junky: What can we expect from the Kimble Beauty Empire for 2014 and on?

Kim Kimble: We now offer hair extensions at Kimble Hair Studio (8280 Santa Monica blvd. West Hollywood,CA) and I’d like to open up more salons. Of course we want to expand the brand and educate consumers about our products. You can also expect Kimble extensions and wigs. In the future I’d like to get more involved in educating stylists and helping them develop into better business people and hair stylists. I also want to educate more people about my products because there’s a lot of knowledge to share!

Have you tried Kimble products on your hair? Tell us what you think and check out new arrivals on Folica.com!

#TuesdayTip: Day to Night Hair for V Day


Make your loved one fall hair-over-heels with you after these easy tips for transitioning from day to nighttime hairstyles.

side ponytail to bun

The secret to going from simple daytime looks to a bombshell style on a night-out is to start with a flexible style in the a.m. Start off with a sleek, low side ponytail. As you get ready for the evening, braid the pony and secure the end with elastic bands like Goody Girls Mini Clear Latex Elastics or Kimble Beauty Silk Non-Metal Hair Elastics. Use your fingers to seperate a few strands throughout the length of the braid to give the messy look. Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure into a bun with small bobby pins (Goody Small Metallic Bobby Pins, $2.99). Finish the look with a soft-hold spritz like Mizani’s Thermasmooth Shine Extend Anti-Humidity Spritz.

straigh to low pony

This has to be the easiest day to night style. Part hair in the center using a rattail or fine toothed comb. If your hair is wet, apply a leave-in conditioner with silkening, frizz-fighting and heat-protective properties (we love CHI Silk Infusion or Crack Leave-in Hair Cream). Then dry with the ionic blow dryer and flat iron with Sedu’s Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Iron. In the p.m., brush hair into a low ponytail and, for Beyonce’s look, secure with Mia The Tonytail Ponytail in your hair color.

braids to waves

In a hurry in the a.m? Opt in for one or two quick french braids and secure the ends with the barette of your choice. When you’re headed out, apply a small amount of glossing serum like Zero Frizz Extra Strength Hair Serum as you run fingers through hair to loosen braids. For stray or unruly pieces, use the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver to blend the hair in.

high bun

Ponytails are the ultimate just-got-out-of-bed style. Sleek hair back with a drop of anti-frizz serum and secure into a sleek high ponytail with Conair’s Perfect Pony Kit (great for thinner hair!). As you prep for a night out in town, transition into a high bun with the help of the Mia Bun Ease kit or Conair Bun Maker Kit. This look also works for braids and naturalistas with long hair.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

folica loves your hair

#TuesdayTips: Style Inspiration from Fashion Week

Fashion Week is here and you know what that means…Spring is coming! Here’s a preview straight from the runway of what to expect for 2014 hairstyles. Achieve any of these looks with a few recommendations from Folica to you:)

undone look 2014

Folica Recommends: The 3-pack Mia Bun Ease for the bun and Biosilk’s Silk Pomade for the messy look

structure updos 2014

Folica Recommends: Lots of Marilyn Bobby Pins, a bit of Rene Furterer Gel Stylisant and Conair’s Up-do Kit for a french twist

low ponytails 2014

Folica Recommends: Accesorize this look with France Luxe Cuff Ponytail Holders and Mizani Anti-Humidity Spritz to tame flyaways

hail to the crown 2014

Folica Recommends: Feeling bold? Bedazzle your crown by weaving Karina Flower Combs into the braid

the pouf 2014

Folica Recommends: Pouff it up with got2b Volumizing Powder

the side part 2014

Folica Recommends: For a well-defined part use Cricket Carbon Rattail Comb and finish the sleek look with Cricket’s Smoothing Brush & the Kerasase Elixir Gloss

Reveal Healthy Hair Under Your Winter Hat


Source: Etsy Designer Amber Alexander

Yesterday was Groundhog Day! Accodrding to the folklore, groundhog Punxsutawney Phil peaks out from his burrow to check the weather. If it’s sunny and he sees his shadow then he retreats back into the burrow, and winter is here to stay for 6 weeks. On a cloudy day however, Phil happily reveals himself and spring will come early.

Whether or not you’re a folklore fanatic, Groundhog Day is a pretty special day for your haircare regimen. Think about it. If spring comes early, you can start whipping your hair into shape to show off your mane on breezy, sunny days. We’re pretty optimistic here at Folica so let’s talk a bout how to get your hair ready for the spring (and away from winter hat hair).

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Miami or a tropical island, your hair probably needs to recover from cold weather and winter hats. Yep, that means split ends, brittle hair, and dry scalp. Follow these 3 simple tips to reveal healthy hair when spring officially arrives:

1. Get into the habit of pre-treating your hair with a leave-in conditioner before wearing a hat. Distribute a dime size amount of the conditioner throughout hair and scalp. Let dry before covering it with a hat to avoid your hair from matting. (ps. The Crack Leave-In Hair Cream is amazingly addictive)

2.  If you want to reveal shiny hair for the spring, hot  oil treatments and deep conditioners are a must. Begin a moisturizing regimen that involves alternating between a hot oil treatment like Paul Brown’s Kukui Nut Hot Oil and a deep conditioner like the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Intense Masque. This also means it’s probably a good idea to invest in that portable dryer bonnet you’ve been meaning to get.

3. It was freezing outside and you never quite mustered up the courage to go to the hair salon this winter. We understand. But now you have split ends so it’s time to get a trim. Don’t hold off any longer, just make an appointment with your stylist and you won’t regret how healthy your hair looks afterwards. Follow up by using the Nexxus Split End Binding Treatment to minimize future split ends.


#WordOnTheStreet: New York Times likes Folica

Yipee! NYTimes Fashion & Style mentioned Folica. Who doesn’t love a good shout out here and there? To replenish the keratin in your hair and protect it from breakage, they recommend Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Styling Iron. The ceramic-coated plates are infused with keratin and Argan oil to give you incredibly silky, shiny hair. Check out the article below.

NYTimes postProduct view

And guess what? We also carry Keranique’s line of keratin-enriched hair products (also recommended by NYTimes). Thanks NYT!

NYTimes post_keranique

Game Day Braids! What Hairstyle are you Rooting For?


Strolling in with a mane full of bouncy curls is probably not the best idea for a Super Bowl party. Instead, opt in for a fun look to show your love for the game! Try one of these looks to bring out the football fanatic in you.

crownBraids and ponytails are probably the easiest and most versatile look for football parties. Crown braids in particular are a simple yet sexy style that pair well with any outfit. You can switch up the hairstyle by wearing bangs, a part down the middle or side, or even without a part. Feeling spontaneous? Jazz up this look by weaving your team color ribbons throughout the braids!

side braid

If you’re lucky enough to actually attend the Super Bowl you’ll surely need a beanie or hat to keep you warm. Don’t worry…it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your locks.! You can reveal a loose french or fishtail braid over the shoulder for that cool-girl-next-door look. Spice it up with clip-in feathers and elastics  in your favorite team color  to cheer them on. Healthy hair comes first so don’t forget to protect your hair under the hat from harsh fabric : opt in for headwear lined with  satin OR wear a silk bonnet like Kimble Beauty’s Silk Slumber Cap underneath your hat. As far as avoiding frizz, apply a volumizing dry shampoo and anti-frizz leave-in treatment before wearing the hat.

Browns Bouffant

If all else fails, you can always go all out and win the prize for  “Most Unique Mane”  at the Super Bowl! To achieve this tres chic bouffant look, use Goody Colour Collection Metallic Finish  Bobby Pins to secure your team’s paraphernalia throughout your hair and and finish it off with a diamond princess tiara. You’re all set for the game!

#WordonTheStreet: We’re Having a Giveaway!


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