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Fekkai Ageless All Day Hair Plump

Fekkai Ageless All Day Hair Plump is an ultra-luxurious, daytime leave-in treatment that plumps and retexturizes strands to reveal healthy, thick hair.
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  • Overview

  • This light crème provides intense, continuous moisture throughout the day filling and plumping up damaged and roughed up cuticles. Repairs damaged hair and provides bio-conditioning to reinforce the hair cuticle forincreased hair strength.

    Used in conjunction with Overnight Hair Repair, hair is visibly plumped, replenished and renewed around the clock. Hair looks thicker, younger, healthier, and like it’s never seen a day of damage.


    Ideal for those with dull, dry, damaged hair, especially those who frequently heat style and are exposed to harsh environmental elements (pollution, intense sunlight, cold and dry air).


    Continuing the “skinification” of hair, this ultra-luxurious, daytime treatment takes hair care technology to the highest level. Empowered with a wealth of natural and biochemically derived
    ingredients that are known to protect, nourish and rebuild hair, All-Day Hair Plump works synergistically with Fekkai’s Overnight Hair Repair to reverse damage and restore hair to its virgin state.
    Hyaluronate Humectant: Derived from skincare wonder ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, these hyaluronate humectants plump the hair cuticle and provide continuous hydration through an unusually high ability to hold moisture. Marine Actin Peptides: Repair damaged hair and provide bio-protection and conditioning to reinforce the hair cuticle. Vegetable Proteins: Powerful hair strengthening complex that also works to improve the condition of hair. Moringa Seed and Edelweiss Extract: Protect against environmental stress and pollutants.


    Hair, like skin, needs to be pampered in order to stay in optimum health. You wouldn’t use the same cream day and night on your face, and nor should you on your hair. With the introduction of All-Day Hair Plump, there is now the daytime answer to Overnight Hair Repair. By day, hair is plumped, moisturized and protected. By night, hair is repaired and renewed. The result: beautiful, thick, healthy, younger looking hair.


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  • Features
    • Plumps hair strands for thicker, lusher looking hair.
    • Provides continuous moisture to smooth and hydrate hair throughout day
    • Hair looks better as the day goes on
    • Repairs damaged hair from outside in
    • Strengthens and reinforces strands over time
    • Protects hair from heat styling and environmental stress
    • Prevents further and future damage


    Apply 2-4 pumps to palm and evenly distribute through wet or damp hair.  Leave in and style as usual.  Use daily.

  • About the brand
  • Frédéric Fekkai & Co. is the leader in luxury hair care, offering a complete range of innovative products and exclusive, full-service salons. The Company is dedicated to providing total beauty and creating a unique portrait of style for each individual.

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