Surgi-Cream Brow Shapers

Simply place in position, press on and peel off. Your eyebrow will look more beautiful.
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Simply place in position, press on and peel off. Your eyebrow will look more beautiful.


Easy and safe to apply, Brow Shapers are designed to save tedious hours of tweezing. Brow Shapers are pre-cut to fit any shape upper or lower brow line.Simple place in position, press on and peel off. Brow Shapers handles not only heavier brows but the small, fine hairs that cannot be removed by tweezers,giving you a more definite, fine brow line. Brow Shapers are so simple to use,they are actually goof-proof.


Read instructions thoroughly before using. It is simple to apply.

  • Just select the brow Shapers and peel off strip.
  • Apply strip to unwanted hair and press on.
  • Peel off Brow Shapers and remove unwanted hair.

Helpful hints:

Always hold skin taut and pull with a fast backwards motion parallel to the skin. Hair must grow in for at least 21 days for best results after shaving. Any hair appearing in a week or so is not re-growth but hair that was too short or not visible for the previous application. Most shaping is done from the bottom of the brow. Wax left on the skin can be removed by using mineral spirits, baby oil, or Wesson Oil.

Brand: Surgi
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