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Waxing Strips

Hair waxing strips come in all sizes to easily remove hair from all of your curves and corners.

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  • Parissa Wax Strips 3 Assort. Sensitive 24 strips

    Parissa Wax Srtips 3 Assorted sizes. Offer a mess-free, express hair remover for sensitive areas including underarm, face and bikini.

    New Price: $11.99
  • clean + easy Body Strip Wax

    Want to remove unwanted hair on your arms, legs, and body without having to worry about it again for weeks? Try clean + easy Body Strip Wax, these gentle yet highly effective cold wax strips.

    New Price: $7.99
  • clean + easy Facial Strip Wax

    clean + easy Facial Strip Wax will create silky, smooth, and hair-free skin up to 8 weeks!

    New Price: $5.99
  • Andrea Wax Strips For The Face

    Andrea wax strips for the face are an easy and efficient way to remove unwanted facial hair.

    Old Price: $6.99 New Price: $4.69
    32% OFF
  • BodyHonee Spa Wax Extra Strength Hair Removal Kit

    BodyHonee Spa Wax is an extra-strength, all natural hair remover that will completely remove thick, coarse, unwanted hair.

    New Price: $18.99
  • BodyHonee Hair Removal Kit

    BodyHonee Hair Removal Kit is a natural, at-home hair removal wax for men + women!

    New Price: $18.99
  • GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips Large 100 pack

    GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips Large 100 pack are an economical alternative to Muslin Strips, GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips feature a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. Each package contains 100 Strips.

    New Price: $7.95
  • Satin Smooth EZ Grip Strip Non Woven Contour Facial

    Satin Smooth EZ Grip Strip Non Woven Contour Facial are ergonomically designed to fit any brow shape.

    New Price: $4.99
  • Surgi Wax Honey Wax Strips

    Surgi Wax Honey Wax Strips made with real maple honey are perfect for bikini, body and legs!

    Old Price: $6.49 New Price: $3.25
    49% OFF
  • Surgi-Cream Brow Shapers

    Simply place in position, press on and peel off. Your eyebrow will look more beautiful.

    Old Price: $3.95 New Price: $2.36
    40% OFF
  • Beauty Basics Epilation Strips (Roll)

    Made of 100% cotton natural muslin that features excellent wax absorption. Perfect for use with wax, sugar and all other depilatory products. Available in 50 Yards x 3" roll and 100 strips (9"x3").

    New Price: $14.99
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