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Stay on the cutting-edge of smooth skin with the best razors and blades for a close shave.

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  • Braun 30B/7000/4000 Series Shaver Foil and Cutter Block

    Get a close, comfortable shave by replacing the foil and cutter block in your shaver regularly.

    New Price: $36.99
  • Personna Classic Hair Shaper

    Provides the perfect balance and weight to give you maximum control and comfort. Precision design features make it the ideal styling razor to create the look that's uniquely your own.

    Old Price: $10.95 New Price: $5.50
    49% OFF
  • Panasonic Precision Body Shaver

    Panasonic Precision Body Shaver gently whisks away unwanted hair. Perfect for a quick touch-up-no water required.

    New Price: $29.99
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