Emjoi optiMini Epilator

The Emjoi optiMini Epilator is a dual opposed hair remover leaving skin smooth for weeks on end!
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The Emjoi optiMini Epilator is an amazing total body hair remover that has a distinctive epilation head with dual opposed tweezers, removing hair from the root all over the body leaving skin silky smooth for up to 6 weeks. The dual opposed epilation head holds the skin taut so pulling and discomfort is minimized. 


  • 30 tweezers mounted on dual opposed heads removes hair quickly and effectively
  • Contoured design holds the skin taut, minimizing pulling and discomfort
  • Patented hair guides channel flat and short hair into the hair removal discs
  • Compact design fits perfectly in your hand
  • Can be used on the face to remove hair from the upper lip and chin
  • Removes hair all over the body-legs, bikini line, and underarms
  • Re-growth of hair is slower and finer
  • Portable, so its great for travel
  • Electronically operated
  • Easy to clean


For maximum results after epilating, follow with the Emjoi After Epilation Cream.

Brand: Emjoi
Model No: AP-96
Folica SKU: 002777
Weight: 1.19 lbs
100% Guaranteed Authentic
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