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Hair Growth Scalp Treatments

Hair Growth Scalp Treatments are proven solutions for stimulating new hair growth.

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  • Bosley Moisture Masque

    Bosley Moisture Masque provides intense moisture and shine for dull, dry, brittle hair.

    Old Price: $38.95 New Price: $22.00
    43% OFF
  • Spectral F7

    Spectral F7 is the first over-the-counter topical formula to incorporate astressin-B, whose mechanism of action offers a completely new modality.

    New Price: $58.00
  • DS Labs Spectral CSF

    DS Labs Spectral CSF is a thinning hair treatment formulated specifically for women that is designed to work with women's hormone fluctuations, hair length, styling practices and hair follicle biology.

    New Price: $48.00
  • Bosley Defense Thickening Treatment for Normal to Fine, Color-treated Hair

    Bosley Defense Thickening Treatment volumizes and thickens normal to fine hair.

    Old Price: $39.95 New Price: $25.00
    37% OFF
  • Spectral DNC-N

    Spectral DNC-N is the first formulation with Nanoxidil 5% and is clinically proven to provide the appearance of thicker hair.

    New Price: $48.00
  • Leonor Greyl Tonique Vivifant Treatment 5.25 oz.

    Leonor Greyl Tonique Vivifant Treatment is a leave-in tonic treatment used to fight appearance of hair loss.

    New Price: $48.00
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