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activ8 30 Day Supply Kit

The activ8 30 Day Supply Kit for Women helps to revitalize the scalp and promote maximum hair volume and density.
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Harsh industrial strength chemicals are often found in shampoo products, all but destroying fragile new hair as it emerges from the scalp. Heavy artificial wax materials are used commonly in conditioning products, hugging the hair follicles with residual materials and weighing existing hair down so it appears thin, limp, and unhealthy. In addition, many hair care styling products contain artificial lacquers designed to coat the hair shaft with a hard, clear finish as a fixative. This material in turn blocks hair growth and plugs hair follicles, very much the same way that the hair loss culprit DHT inhibits growth. There are no waxes or "film forming" ingredients in Activ8 formulas. When using Activ8 products, you are assured of receiving the best possible treatment to revitalize the scalp and promote maximum hair volume and density.

30 Day Supply Kit Includes:
Activ8 Cleanse, 4.2 oz - pH-neutral, removes DHT and other scalp sebum build-up immediately. It also contains soothing naturally derived ingredients that purify the scalp.
Activ8 Shampoo, 4.2 oz - a unique, pH-neutral, sulfate, alcohol, and paraben-free daily shampoo formula. An exclusive shampoo product formulated to remove DHT and scalp sebum with naturally-derived ingredients.
Activ8 Conditioner, 4.2 oz - residue-free, wax-free, pH-neutral formulation with amino-acids, natural herbs and proteins to provide exceptional detangling, elasticity and moisture to the hair. Condition formula is non-comedogenic, helping to promote healthy hair.
Women's Activ8 Nutri-MX, 2 oz - contains minoxidil, the only topical ingredient approved by the FDA to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Revitalizes hair follicles & clinically proven to help regrow hair.

Brand: Activ8
Folica SKU: 007496
Weight: 1.25 lbs
100% Guaranteed Authentic

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I really liked this product line. The pre-wash has a tingling feeling that makes you feel like it is doing some good to stimulate the scalp. Cleanser is clear but I feel like I need to wash my hair 2 … Read More

from South Carolina - Aug 30, 2012
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I was wondering when i start using activ8 and my hair grows back. What happens if i stop using activ8 will my hair fall out or do i have to use it rest of my life? Read More

Ryan C. from Fremont,iowa Mar 7, 2012
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