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  • #color enhancing / #subtle

    Intensify and illuminate color treated hair! This deep conditioning treatment not only leaves your hair soft and shiny, but with semi-permanent hair color in the mix, it enhances and enriches your hair color, giving it that freshly colored look in minutes! Multiples uses per bottle. SHADE Golden Blonde is for a sun kissed hue. Not intended for gray coverage use.

    New Price: $30.00
  • #hint of color / #texturizing

    A Sea Salt Hair Spray that imparts the same beachy texture as Captain Blakenship's classic Mermaid Sea Salt Spray, but also has organic essential oils that lighten hair when activated by the sun. Organic chamomile, lemon, lime and grapefruit essential oils gently lighten and lend a bright, citrus scent.

    New Price: $26.00
  • #red / #luxury

    The Ultimate Shine Red Gloss is the answer to extending the life of your hair color. Red gloss adds hints of red tones back into hair, restoring vibrancy.

    New Price: $26.00
  • #blonde / #buzzworthy

    Ultimate Shine Blonde Gloss brightens and illuminates blonde hair and all highlighted hair while restoring sheen to dull hair.

    New Price: $26.00
  • #brunette / #color enhancing

    Ultimate Shine Brown Gloss restores richness and depth to brown hair while preventing color fading (not to be used on highlighted hair).

    New Price: $26.00
  • #addictive / #hint of color

    Ultimate Shine Breaking Brass tones down brassiness and orange hues, and helps counteract warmth and restores vibrancy and shines to hair.

    New Price: $26.00
  • #shine / #subtle

    The Ultimate Shine Gloss is the answer to extending the life of your hair color. Clear gloss adds high shine and vibrancy to all hair shades.

    New Price: $26.00
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