CHI Ionic Power Plus N-3 Energy Hair Thickener

CHI Energy Hair Thickener N-3 improves the keratin structure and density of hair while removing free radical scavengers which may contribute to hair loss.
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  • Nettle (Urtica Dioica): This plant contains a large amount of chlorophyll, vitamins A, B2, C, E and K, folic acid, histamine, acetylcholine, formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, serotonin, 5-hydroxytrypaine, and an abundant mineral substance of iron, potassium, manganese and sulfur. Nettle also has purifying properties and acts as an astringent that helps speed the metabolism and circulation.
  • Ceramic, Ionic, Far Infrared: CHI blend of natural inorganic including minerals are added to create a process of excitation resulting in more ions that condition hair and far infrared for deeper penetration.CHI ceramic, ionic and far infrared elements include Oxygen (O), Calcium (Ca), Aluminum (Al), Silicon (Si), Chromium (Cr), Titanium (Ti), Iron (Fe), Phosphorus (P), Manganese (Mn), Lanthanum (La), Potassium (K), Cerium (Ce), Magnesium (Mg), Boron (B) and Vanadium (V).
  • Herbs including: Nettle, Yucca, Marigold, Sage, Rosemary, Chamomile, Comfrey, Burdock, Yarrow, Thyme and many others to help nourish the scalp and stimulate circulation to promote fuller, thicker hair.


CHI Energy Hair Thickener N-3 is made with pure natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to improve the keratin structure, density while removing free radical scavengers which may contribute to thinning and hair loss. The treatment will protect normal to fine hair while providing moisture and helps to promote micro circulation of blood to enhance the follicle that can contribute to grow hair stronger, faster and retain hair longer than ever before.


  • Provides moisture
  • Removes free radicals that can promote hair loss
  • Promotes microcirculation of blood
  • Improves keratin structure density
  • Must be used every day to achieve optimal results
  • Exfoliates dead cells, detoxifies the scalp
  • Use to promote fuller thicker hair
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Non Chemical
  • CHI 44 Ceramics and Far infra red delivers the active ingredients deep to the hair follicle
  • Natural ingredients leaves of Nettle Plant with Herbs & Botanicals


For best results cleanse hair with CHI Ionic Power Plus Vitalizing Shampoo and CHI Ionic Power Plus Vitalizing Conditioner. Then apply Energy Hair Thickener N-3 directly to the scalp area and massage evenly and leave in. Style as desired.

Brand: CHI
Model No: N-3
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