Phyto Phytocedrat Shampoo

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Because an oily scalp is highly reactive, Phytocedrat is formulated with a mild plant-derived washing base to help remove excess oil and prevent the rebound effect.

Phytocedrat is formulated with a mild, plant-derived washing base, that helps prevent the rebound effect ( a reaction that occurs a few hours after shampooing).  The recognized synergy of 9 botanical ingredients with astringent properties (rosemary, nettle, sage and burdock) blended with lemon essential oil gently cleanses the scalp while removing dirt, and excess sebum.  An abietic acid derivate, formulated from pine extract and soya hydrlysat protein, coast the capillary stem to prevent resellement of sebum on the hair.  From the very first application, hair achieves new volume and weightless.  The scalp is healthy, and less frequent shampoos are needed.


  • Reduces amount of shampooing needed to cleanse the hair
  • Prevents over stimulating the sebaceous glands
  • Formulated with mild plant derived washing base
  • Synergy of 9 botanical ingredients with astringent properties


Apply shampoo to wet hair.  Gently massage.  Leave on hair for a few minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  Repeat if necessary.

Brand: Phyto
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