PHYTO Phytargent Whitening Shampoo 6.7 oz.

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PHYTO Phytargent Whitening shampoo for gray, white or highlighted hair. Chamomile azulene restores silver highlights, while lanolin hydrates and eliminates coarseness and coconut oil derivatives cleanse and protect the scalp.


PHYTARGENT restores beauty to silver or gray highlighted hair that has become yellowed. Thanks to its formula enriched with azulene, a natural substance extracted from Chamomile, PHYTARGENT both whitens hair and soothes the scalp. Its "whitening" action is cumulative and reinforced after each new application. PHYTO products bring the most potent active ingredients from the botanical world to your hair through Phytotherathrie, the science of hair care through plants. PHYTO will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and reveal its full beauty. Through its botanical formulas, PHYTO provides a natural and precise solution for the needs of each hair type. Ongoing research and close collaboration with scientists enable Laboratories Phystosolba to continually develop innovative hair care products with clinically proven results. Environmentally conscious, PHYTO only uses glass bottles and aluminum tubes, which also help protect its formulas rich in active ingredients and limit the use of preservatives. PHYTO does not test products on animals.


Wet hair thoroughly. Apply evenly over hair, paying close attention to the temple area. Massage gently to work into a lather, then rinse out. For maximum whitening results, repeat the same steps, leaving shampoo in for 4 to 5 minutes to take effect. Rinse thoroughly.

Brand: Phyto
Folica SKU: 000599
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Size: 6.70 fl. oz (US)
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