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EVOLVh UltraShine Shampoo

Gentle cleansing, nutrient infusion for shine and strength. Color safe and great for all hair types — from fine and flat to coarse and curly — this niche shampoo is beloved by discerning stylists.
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  • Overview
  • Gentle cleansing, nutrient infusion for shine and strength. Color safe and great for all hair types, from fine and flat to coarse and curly, EVOLVh UltraShine Shampoo is loved by stylists. It balances hair's pH level in order to leave it strong and silky. Actives like seaweed extract, mango, and apricot deliver crucial nutrients to thirsty strands, while amino and fatty acids restore hair from the inside out and provide anti-aging benefits. The botanical formula is so potent, a tiny amount is sufficient. Instead of sucking out moisture, it softens and nourishes with a special blend of 20 herbs, all suspended in a moisturizing base.

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  • Ingredients
  • Water, pHytoBlend (proprietary concentrate blend of 20 herbs in an aqueous base), decyl glucose, disodium sulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauryl glucose, coco polyglucose, seaweed extract, citrus aurantifolia, mango, lecithin, sunflower oil, soya, safflower oil, soy amino acids, vitamin C, wild pansy, sweet clover, apricot, nasturtium, nectarine, passion flower, citrus seed extract.

  • Features
    • For dry hair that needs moisture
    • For fine hair that needs volume
    • For curly, thick or coarse hair that needs softness, manageability and less frizz
    • For color that's more vibrant
    • pH 4.5 to 5.5
    • Safe on keratin-treated hair
    • Free of sulfates, parabens and gluten
    • Vegan
    • Made in the USA


    Wet your hair in the shower, squeeze out a small amount of shampoo, and massage into hair and scalp. If you don't get the explosive lather you desire, repeat with just a small amount of shampoo on the 2nd pass. Rinse away with warm water, and follow with conditioner.

  • About the brand
  • The inspiration behind EVOLVh comes from our belief in creating products made from healthful ingredients, offer luxurious performance and the ability to have beautiful hair with simplified styling. Simply put, EVOLVh products are unlike any that you have used before. EVOLVh products act like skin care, penetrating deep inside hair to transform texture and repair damage caused by color services and aging. The results are immediate and visible, and are achieved naturally using proprietary blends of botanicals and amino and fatty acid, for the healthiest hair you can have.

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