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Shine Pomades

Shine pomades gloss, moisturize and polish strands to create a glistening finish.

How to Choose Pomade
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  • Lock Stock & Barrel Original Classic Wax

    Lock Stock & Barrel Original Classic Wax gives versatile styling control with high shine and medium hold.

    New Price: $17.00
  • MiN New York Define Shaping Pomade

    Define Shaping Pomade from MiN New York is a reinterpreted classic with its excellent holding and placing attributes and serious shine.

    Old Price: $20.00 New Price: $10.00
    50% OFF
  • CurlFriends Seduce Pomade

    Use Curlfriends Seduce Pomade daily to create texture and define curls or to create updos without adding crunch or weight. Helps eliminate frizz.

    New Price: $11.95
  • Rusk Being Rubber Gum 1.8 oz.

    Rusk Being Rubber Gum allows you to manipulate, separate and add shine!

    Old Price: $13.00 New Price: $7.32
    43% OFF
  • Jack Dean Finishing Pomade

    Jack Dean Finishing Pomade smooths and conditions your hair while leaving it with a soft and subtle sheen.

    Old Price: $18.49 New Price: $9.49
    48% OFF
  • Brocato Carve Texture Icing 2 oz.

    Brocato Carve Texture Icing is a unique and wildly flexible styling paste that shapes, molds and texturizes hair with a semi-gloss finish.

    New Price: $18.50
  • Serge Normant Meta Form Sculpting Pomade

    Serge Normant Meta Form Sculpting Pomade shapes, texturizes and defines your hair.

    New Price: $25.00
  • John Allan's Blu Pomade

    John Allan's Blu Pomade is a water-based styling aid for detailing your look with a high-shine finish.

    Old Price: $22.00 New Price: $12.00
    45% OFF
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