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Bumble and bumble Color Support Conditioner 8 oz.

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  • Pigment Complex: Adds subtle color boost and prevents fading
  • Cetearyl Alcohol: Allows lubrication and moisture retention
  • Dimethicone: Adds gloss and smoothness
  • Glycerin: Softens Hair



Bumble and bumble Color Support Conditioner is a lightweight yet thorough moisturizer, which contains a complex blend of pigments that will give your hair color a boost!


  • Keeps the warm glow of summery tones golden
  • Low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation
  • Smoothes the cuticle and subtly enhances color


Use every second washing. After shampooing with Bumble and bumble Color Support Shampoo, apply from roots to ends, comb through, leave on a minute and rinse thoroughly.

*Avoid using any other shampoos, besides Bumble and bumble Color Support Shampoo before using Color Support Conditioner, as other shampoos may leave a barrier that will render color-enhancing properties ineffective.

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Size: 8.00 fl. oz (US)
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