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American Crew

American Crew Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner

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American Crew Citrus Mint Cool Conditioner is a harmonizing merger of natural Lime and Citrus oils that creates a lightweight feel. Organic mix of Peppermint and Spearmint stimulate the scalp.


After shampooing, work a small amount of conditioner onto hair and scalp so that it distributes evenly. Leave on up to two minutes. Rinse well.

Brand: American Crew
Folica SKU: P9625
Weight: 0.62 lb
100% Guaranteed Authentic

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my hair dresser uses this product and it feels lovely on my hair! It makes it so soft! Definately reccomend it! Read More

Sep 2, 2007
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Organic Or Natural? How Do We Know?

How can we be sure thatthe product that we are purchasing is TRULY ORganic or NATURAL if we can't read the ingredients? I won't make a purchase based on a name and I am not the only one who feels this way. Read More

Deborah R. May 26, 2011
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