Everything You Need To Know A Heat Protectancts

You wouldn’t grab a hot pan without pot holders, so why would you apply heat directly to your hair without protecting your precious strands? Heat protectants are essential when using heat source tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Why? Because heat styling opens up the hair shaft, leaving strands susceptible to damage and even color loss. Heat protectants coat the follicle, keeping strands sealed and shielded. They provide topical thermal protection while maintaining necessary moisture in the shaft, promoting healthy texture, softness, elasticity, and shine. Heat protectants can also enhance the effectiveness of the heat tool.

Heat protectants come in a variety of forms including sprays, serums, creams, lotions and gels. When choosing a heat protectant, look formulas that are smoothing, shine-boosting and that deliver healthy ingredients in addition to acting as a heat buffer. If your hair is straight or fine, try spray mists (Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray) or lightweight gels (L’ANZA Art Elements Mega Gel). Thick or curly hair will benefit from more nourishing oils and serums such as the Latinoil Chia Oil Curls BB Cream.

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