Tips For Styling Curly Hair

Don’t be intimidated by styling curly hair. The key to creating beautiful curls is to create the curl pattern while damp and let them dry naturally or with a diffuser set to low heat. Don’t touch your hair too much while it’s drying. Over-handling wet hair disturbs hair’s natural curl pattern, and can lead to some frizzy and hair-raising situations. For best results, follow Ouidad’s tips and Rake & Shake styling method.

Rake & Shake Styling: Perfect Curls Every Time

Step 1: Start with freshly washed hair. Gently squeeze excess water out of hair and blot hair with a towel. Don’t rub your hair with the towel, or flip your head over because that fragments the curls and ultimately creates FRIZZ.

Step 2: Comb through a leave-in conditioning spray like EVOLVh SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner.

Step 3: Divide hair into 4″-6″ sections. Twist the sections up and clip them on top of your head.

Step 4: Working with one hair section at a time, rub a nickel sized portion of product like Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel in between your hands and run your fingers through your hair like a rake. “Rake” from the scalp to the ends of the hair to ensure that your hair is evenly covered.

Step 5: When your fingers reach the ends of your hair, make sure your hair has some give, and gently shake it back and forth to create curl.

Step 6: Let go of the section and allow hair to fall. Continue until each section has experienced Ouidad’s signature Rake & Shake method.

TIP: If you want added height and volume, Ouidad suggests positioning Duckbill Clips near the root of your hair all along the crown area. Space them evenly and work from front to back. 

Step 7: Blow-dry hair using a diffuser or let hair dry naturally. If there are any crunchy spots from applying too much product, Ouidad recommends using Clear Control Pomade to break up the stiffness. Simply rub a small amount of the product in between your hands and smooth it on from root to tip on one singular motion – like you’re putting your hair in a ponytail.

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