How To Hide Roots and Grays

Most colorists advise their color-treated clients (that includes highlights, too!), to wash their hair every other day (at the most!). These salon professionals stress the importance of using products specifically formulated to tone and protect your hue, preserving vibrancy with color-friendly, gentle ingredients.

Here are a few suggestions to help hide those roots and make your color last:

1. Camouflage

Hair guru Oscar Blandi developed the Pronto Hair Shadow specifically to help cover up roots and stray grays in between coloring. He recommends starting at the front of the hairline, parting hair, and gently brushing color on roots. It washes out easily but stays put all day, even in the rain or sweating it up at the gym.

2. Enhance Your Hue

Another quick gray cover fix is using a color enhancing shampoo or conditioner such as Bain de Terre Passion Flower Color Shampoo and Conditioner or Fekkai Technician Color Care Conditioner. These products actually deposit temporary color onto strands right in the shower to help camouflage grays and liven up your color without permanent effects. These color-fast (literally!) products won’t wreck your clothes, but using a dark colored towel after washing is a good idea.

3. Take a Different Path

Change your part to hide the line of growth. You can do that by switching your part to a different spot or by creating a zigzag look.

Find some other great ways to extend the life of your hair color between salon appointments.

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