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Fighting Frizz

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I need help fighting the frizz!

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Frizz can happen to anyone. Friction, humidity and hair type are all contributing factors. Here are three quick ways to win the war against the frizzies:

1. Start in the Shower

Hair master Oscar Blandi says, "You should start fighting frizz right in the shower. Don't wait until you are drying your hair." Oscar recommends his Oscar Blandi Shampoo Di Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo and Balsamo Di Jasmine conditioner, for maximum pre-styling frizz control.

Tress Tip: Don't forget to rinse your hair with a blast of cool water before stepping out the shower to seal the cuticle, this will tame frizz and lock-in shine.

2. Fight Friction

Frizz is caused by roughed up hair so make sure to be gentle with your locks. Don't squeeze your strands after your shower, instead lightly towel dry with a hair towel.

Tress Tip: When your hair is wet, comb in styling products to even distribute evenly to avoid creating frizzy patches.Our favorite is the Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with Argan Oil.

3. Pick the Right Products

David John, Stylist at John Frieda Salon in West Hollywood shares his smoothing secrets for straight hair, "I love Phyto Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm and mix it with Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum."

For taming frizz on curly hair, look for alcohol-free styling products that will encase curls during the drying process, shielding strands and locking in moisture. Apply a product on damp hair that will shape and define curls and block out humidity. Try Miss Jessie's Quick Curls or one of our other great curl care solutions.

Tress Tip: Make sure hair is completely dry before running your hands through it to avoid causing the frizz you worked so hard to prevent.

Secret Weapon: Keratin Treatments

Brazilian keratin treatments entered the luxury salon repertoire in late 2006, an expensive but gentle alternative to Japanese straightening methods. Keratin treatments work to strengthen hair by filling the weak, damaged spots with fortifying keratin protein. By reinforcing your locks, the keratin treatments create extreme smooth and shine that lasts for up to two months.

Miami-based straight hair aficionado JB Veltman says, "I do the Brazilian Keratin Treatment for clients who have frizzy hair... and it lasts for about 3 to 4 months. Anyone who has a problem with humidity and frizz loves it. I've always had great results." With the advent of newer keratin treatments, you can test out the DIY trend at home.

Our office curlies swear by the Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight Smooth Strong & Long Treatment. With just one use, you can get smoother, softer, frizz-free hair (in less than an hour). Whether you get the treatment in the salon or do it at home, maintain the smooth finish with Liquid Keratin's shampoo and conditioner or other products designed to prolong the treatment's amazing results.

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