Finding The Right Hair Rollers And Setters

Hair rollers and hair setters are excellent tools for creating big, sexy volume – whether you want it in curl form, waves or as a boost of oomph at your roots.
Hair rollers are a hands-free way to “set” your hair into a shape. They’re made in a variety of materials and sizes which allows for lots of styling freedom. Read on to learn all about the types, technology and styling how-tos.
Ready, set, roll.

Features of Hair Rollers and Setters

Benefits Folica Faves
STEAM ROLLERS Steam makes hair supple and bendable, which causes it to curl easily. Steam also leaves behind moisture when it evaporates, which results in firmly set curls that are also very shiny.
FLOCKED ROLLERS Soft padding surrounds each roller to protect your hair from the central heating element. Expect soft curls and healthy hair. Great for frequent users.
COIL ROLLERS The best coil rollers are made with ceramic and/or tourmaline and use ionic technology to produce smooth hair, seal in moisture, prevent frizz and add shine.
SELF-GRIP ROLLERS Self-grip rollers (including Velcro rollers) are hollow and don’t contain a central heating unit. They’re best used on nearly-dry hair; simply roll up and then blow-dry for soft curls or volume. Also great for travel.


Most hair rollers and setters heat from the inside-out-either via steam or a central heating section called a coil.

The best coil rollers for your hair include coils that are made with ceramic or tourmaline (or both) and that use ionic technology. Ionic technology means that the coils produce negative ions. Negative ions re-balance positively charged hair which smoothes the cuticle, seals in moisture, prevents frizz and creates shine.

Ceramic coils enhance the effects of the negative ions and provide even heat distribution for safe, consistent hair setting. We like the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ionic 20 Roller hairsetter


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