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Hair Removal Guide

Buying Guide: Find the right Hair Remover

It's easier than ever to eliminate unwanted on your face or body. Here are some techniques for bidding farewell to unwanted fuzz, from the privacy of your own home:

Getting Started

Before waxing or using hair removal tools like an epilator, apply ice to the area to help numb it and prevent swelling. You can also try popping an aspirin or Ibuprofen twenty minutes prior to the process can keep the sting to a minimum. If that doesn't work, pick up a topical pain inhibitor like Res-Q Analgesic Topical Pain Relief Spray.


Sure, this method may not remove hair entirely, but it will help unwanted hair to fade from sight. Unlike other methods of hair removal, bleaches simply lighten the existing hair until it turns nearly invisible. When choosing bleach, check what area of the body it's designed for, like Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach for the Face or GiGiHONEE Gentle Bleaching Cream.

Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams (also known as depilatories), are a wince-free option for sexy, smooth skin with results lasting up to two weeks. Try Andrea Extra Strength Hair Remover for the Body or clean + easy Hair Removal Lotion with Baby Oil for painless removal almost anywhere on the face or body. Avoid the sensitive eye and eyebrow area to prevent accidental drips and eye irritation.


Electrolysis is a great option for permanent hair removal. At-home systems like the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis use electric currents to destroy hair at the root, simply and safely. Electrolysis is generally not recommended for large areas of the body, but works like a charm for underarms, bikini area, and from the neck up. It takes several treatments to remove hair completely and you need to wait at least a week between treatments, so plan ahead for summer!


Epilators like the Emjoi Light Caress Corded Epilator remove unwanted hairs effectively, giving you smooth skin for up to six weeks. Epilators use rotating tweezer-like discs to quickly remove hair with minimal discomfort. Epilators are an effective hair removal technique for almost any area, and come in slimmer shapes that work well for smaller, more detailed facial areas like eyebrows or lip.

Razors & Shavers

Shaving is an easy way to keep unwanted hair at bay. Shavers and razors cut hair off at the surface, leaving skin smooth for up to a week or two, and can be used on pretty much any part of the body. Choose between battery-operated models like the Epilady Epic Shave Lady Shaver and hand-held ones like the Personna Pirouette Razor Kit.


Similar to the waxing process, sugaring removes body hair at the root and cleans follicles to prevent ingrown hairs from forming, leaving your skin silky for up to eight weeks. In use since 1900 BCE, sugaring uses all natural ingredients and fans swear that sugaring is gentler than waxing. To get started with sugaring, try the Moom Sugaring Hair Removal Introductory Kit.


Using quality tweezers is another effective hair removal technique, best for smaller areas (like eyebrows) or stray hairs on the face or body. Always pluck hair closely from the root in the direction that it grows, pulling gently, quickly and smoothly. Popular brands include Tweezerman and Rubis.


Waxing delivers incredibly smooth results for a bikini ready bod and results can last from two to six weeks.

Waxing once had a bad rap for the ouch factor, but today's waxes such as GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit or Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax will adhere directly to hair, making the whole process a lot less painful, perfect for waxing large or sensitive areas. Roll-on Waxes are easy-to-use and offer precise, easy application for waxing novices.

Expert Advice: Waxing diva Christiane Silveira, co-owner of Sweet Samba Spa in Atlanta says, "Make sure you create a tab to grab and pull in the opposite direction from the hair growth pattern at a 180 degree angle, horizontal to the skin."

The Last Hair

Remember that with most hair removal methods (except bleaches and depilatory creams), there's the risk of ingrown hairs. Learn how to prevent, treat and beat ingrown hairs.

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