What Are Hair Loss Solutions Made Of?

If you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, no doubt you have tried testing the waters of one of the many hair loss solutions on the market. But even dabbling your pinky toe in this vast market can be a daunting affair. With such a vast amount of products to choose from — how do you know what to look for?

It turns out that despite the dizzying array of items to choose from, there are actually a relatively small number of ingredients that some of the best products share in common. So in order to help you better understand what it is to look for, we have listed a handful of the most effective ingredients featured in hair loss products in this one helpful guide!


Minoxidil is proven to be among the most effective ways to combat hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. Though the name minoxidil might sound more like an alien planet, it’s actually the secret ingredient to some of the most famous hair loss solutions out there, includingRogaine, Toppik’s Hair Regrowth Treatment, Bosley’s Hair Regrowth Treatment and more.

Though the precise reason why minoxidil works so well is not entirely certain, its efficacy is extremely well documented across multiple studies and it has been found to work for the majority of users. As such, it proudly boasts FDA approval in the treatment of hair loss.

Minoxidil-based products vary from between a 2% to 5% solution, with 5% being the maximum. The only major downside to these products is that they take quite a large investment of time and patience, usually requiring between one to two treatments a day, and it often takes months before you can see the results.



Keratin is a protein naturally found in the body that is responsible for influencing the structure and health of your hair. Though it is most famous for its use in hair-straightening treatments, a lesser known use of keratin is to volumize and thicken your head of hair. Keratin hair products work by repairing dry or damaged follicles in order to make your hair thicker, shinier, healthier and stronger. These incredible properties have caused it to explode in popularity in recent years, and it’s now featured as a key ingredient in a number of hair loss/thinning solutions.

For instance, Toppik uses it in both its Hair Building Fibers concealer and also its Hair Building Shampoo. Similarly, Toppik also uses keratin in its 2-in-1 Hair Nutrition Capsulesand Keranique uses it in its Scalp Stimulating Shampoo.



Fiber builders are not used to stimulate hair regrowth, but rather to conceal bald or thinning spots. However, they are very popular for their realistic and sophisticated texturing abilities that make the concealer look almost identical to real hair. Fiber builders accomplish this feat by using natural fibers that bind to your hair follicles to create the appearance of thick, healthy hair. Concealers come in many different colors in order to suit your individual hair color, and they also come in spray-form which makes applying them super simple. Additionally, it works instantly and costs a fraction of the price of more advanced regrowth solutions like Rogaine.


Natural extracts

There are a number of extracts found in nature that are thought to help strengthen hair health and possibly even hair regrowth. Because of positive feedback from customers who have seen remarkable results, many brands have now started to include these extracts in hair loss solutions. For instance, Bosley’s Volumizing and Thickening Leave-In Spraycontains apple core extract and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, while Revivogen’s Pro Scalp Therapy uses grape seed extract as well as a number of natural oils to encourage healthy hair.



Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin H, plays an important role in cellular growth and in the production of amino acids. And since amino acids play a direct role in the health of your hair, having proper levels of biotin can be integral for preventing hair loss. For that reason, many professionals have started to recommend biotin as a way to combat hair loss, particularly in women. Biotin usually comes in supplement form, and often together with a roster of other multivitamins, such as in the Thomas Namron Plus Multivitamin-Mineral Complex.


Amino Acids

As mentioned above, amino acids are important for hair growth and several studies have found a direct correlation between amino acids and hair growth in both men and women. Using these findings as a springboard, many brands have now started incorporating them into their hair loss products in order to facilitate healthier hair growth. One example isToppik’s Leave-In Hair Fattener which features keratin amino acids, and the brand Bosley creates a Nourishing Shampoo that includes rice amino acids to help thicken and volumize.



The science of hair loss and hair growth is a busy and fast-moving field, with more discoveries being made almost daily, but the ingredients above have emerged as some of the most consistent winners among their peers. However, finding the right solution for you might ultimately require some experimenting with the various options available. Regardless of what you choose, we wish you success in achieving your perfect head of hair

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