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Gels & Glues

Gels & Glues

Let us be the first to cheerlead modern gels' versatility and styling sophistication. From curl enhancing and volumizing to smoothing and straightening, there's a gel for every hair type and styling need.

Glue, gel's in-control cousin, makes statement-making easy. Create Mohawks, spikes and shapes that stay all day.

We stock more than 100 gels and glues, which might sound like enough to make your head spin. Read on for our breakdown of the new school of gels, what they're best for and how to use them. Glue's in there, too, for when you really want your hair to stay put.

Gel Type Benefits Suggested Use Recommended Products
Smoothing Gel Blocks humidity
Seals in moisture
Offers hold and shine
Apply to damp hair before drying. Use a diffuser for smooth curls or a concentrator (aimed down hair shaft toward the ends) for sleek straightness. Barex Hairgomine Smoothing Styling Gel
Straightening Gel Look for thermal protectants to guard hair while styling
Blocks humidity
Seals in moisture
Encourages straightness without stickiness
Adds shine
Apply to damp hair before drying and flat ironing. Layer over a serum to enhance the effects and blow dry with a round brush for the straightest style. Bain de Terre All Day Straight Gel
Volumizing Gel Plumps strands for fullness
Supports roots for lift
Holds your style - curls, waves or straight
Apply to damp or dry hair for volume. Use all over or in sections as necessary. Alterna Life Volumizing Spray Gel 8.5 oz
Matrix Amplify Volumizing System Thick Boost Gel
Curling Gels Anti-frizz
Smooth hair shaft and seal in moisture
Encourage resilience for bouncy curls
Long lasting hold and shine
Apply to damp hair and finger-comb through. Allow hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser. Spray gels are great for use on dry hair to revive curls. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Spiral Style Curl-Defining Spray Gel
Glue Extreme Hold You can apply throughout for serious hold but we recommend 'gluing' spots, tips or smaller sections that you want to secure for sure. got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue

Light, Medium and Firm Hold Gels:

Most of the gels above come in a variety of weights. If your hair is fine or thin, choose a lighter hold gel. For thicker, coarser or frizzier hair, choose one that's medium or firm hold.

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If gels are gelling for you, we've got more where these came from:

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