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Not all hair is created equal.

Meet the new SuperHot products from Solia – professional-grade hair tools, reimagined for the hair type that doesn’t fall under one particular category. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, coarse, super thick, or just a little bit of everything, Solia hair products are there for you. It’s time to embrace hair of all textures.

SuperHot Dryer

This professional lightweight hair dryer will give you all the heat, but without the damage. With advanced double-wave heated technology, this dryer is designed to tame even the most complex and difficult hair. Bonus: It’s GREAT for locking in keratin treatments.


  • State-of-the-art long-life 1875W DC motor delivers ultimate performance and weighs significantly less than comparable hair dryers. Who said lightweight hair dryers couldn't be powerful?
  • Longneck, insulated barrel for when you need to really deliver the heat. Great for straightening curly, wavy and/or multi-textured locks.
  • The barrel is coated with tourmaline to seal in moisture for reduced static and frizz. And did we mention how shiny your hair will look?
  • 6 speed & temperature settings. This makes the SuperHot perfect for ALL hair types.
  • Made in Italy. Quality matters!
  • Solia SuperHot Dryer ($130)
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SuperHot Flat Iron

This professional flat iron delivers just the right amount of heat for your hair type. Adjustable from 270°F to 450°F, this iron leaves you with smooth and silky results, whether you have delicate locks or coarse hair that’s tough to tame.


  • Titanium plates efficiently transfer heat with the first pass, which means you cut down on styling time while keeping your hair healthier. Talk about a win win!
  • Just like the SuperHot Hair Dryer, this flat iron is ideal for locking in keratin treatments. It's great for any other chemically-treated hair, too.
  • Ionic technology locks in moisture and tames hair. It also reduces static and frizz to solve your winter and/or humidity woes.
  • Dual MCH heater delivers consistent heat distribution with ultra-fast heat up time. Anything to shorten the morning routine!
  • Bells & Whistles: non-slip grip, 9-foot swivel cord, LED display. Fancy enough to leave out on the bathroom counter all day long
  • Solia SuperHot Flat Iron 1¼" ($100)
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SuperHot Curling Iron

This spring curling iron is available in two sizes - 25mm (1") and 32mm (1.25") - depending on your hair type and desired curl. Whether you want perfect 'Hollywood glam' curls or sexy tousled waves, the Solia SuperHot Curling Iron is perfect for you.


  • 1" or 1.25" polished tourmaline barrel Leaving you with smooth, polished curls every time
  • Insulated tip and easy-release spring clip Effortless styling WITHOUT the infamous curling iron crease
  • Negative ion and far-infared technology reduce static and frizz This happens while protecting your hair from damage
  • Advanced heating ensures even heat transfer Get the curl shape you want on the first try
  • Digital temperature display with custom heat settings (350°F - 450°F) Choose the right temp and you're all set!
  • Bells & Whistles: Built-in stand, contoured easy-grip design, auto shut-off, and professional-length 360° swivel cord
  • Solia SuperHot Curling Iron ($75)
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