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Mavala Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

Grow, stregnthen and add shine with these finishing touches! Try these Nail Treatments help to create long and healthy nails!

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  • MAVALA Mava-Dry Spray

    MAVALA Mava-Dry Spray

    From Switzerland. Mava-Dry dries nail polish in seconds, reduces chipping and prevents smearing or smudging. Brings luster and gives yet more protection to your manicure.

    New Price: $14.00
  • MAVALA MAVADERMA Nail Growth Treatment

    MAVALA MAVADERMA Nail Growth Treatment

    Slow-growing nails? MAVALA has the solution. This protein-enriched nutritive oil penetrates the pores to feed the matrix and helps speed nail growth.

    New Price: $16.50
  • MAVALA Cuticle Oil

    MAVALA Cuticle Oil

    For a perfect nail contour. Softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be rolled gently back. Provides a well-groomed contour to the nails.

    New Price: $14.00
  • MAVALA 002 Protective Base Coat

    MAVALA 002 Protective Base Coat

    A double action base coat that not only protect nails from nail color, but holds color on twice as long.

    New Price: $14.00
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