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Jheri Redding Hair Glosses, Polishes and Shine Sprays

Hair Glosses, Polishes and Shine Sprays

Hair glosses and shine sprays are all about polishing your hair for brilliant shine.

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  • Jheri Redding Reflections Polisher

    Reflections Polisher provides shine to reveal the ultimate expression of brilliance, radiance and luster. Discover a new dimension in resurfacing, cuticle smoothing and sealing. Indulge each hair fiber in the very essence of this transparent liquid. Protects hair with PABA-free sunscreen.

    New Price: $8.95
  • Jheri Redding Professional Reflections Spray-on Shine

    An advanced silicone formula for intense shine, instantly. For normal, dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.

    New Price: $6.50
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