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HairDo Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hair Extensions and Wigs

Instantly change your hair color, length or style with wigs, extensions and alternative hair options.

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  • POP Human Hair Clip In Strips

    POP Human Hair Clip In Strips are easy clip-in highlights, lowlights & brights! 100% fine human hair.

    Old Price: $8.00 New Price: $3.00
    62% OFF
  • HairDo 18" Simply Straight Pony

    This 18-inch long wrap-around pony lets you add long, full, trend-setting ponytail styles in an instant.

    Old Price: $49.00 New Price: $25.00
    48% OFF
  • HairDo 23" Wavy Clip-In Extension

    23" Wavy Clip-in Extension makes it easy to completely transform your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. The long soft waves have a romantic feel and are forever in style.

    Old Price: $99.00 New Price: $50.00
    49% OFF
  • HairDo Clip-In Bang

    Clip in bangs are the perfect way to add bangs to your hairstyle without permanently cutting your hair!

    Old Price: $29.00 New Price: $14.50
    50% OFF
  • HairDo 18" Beach Curl Pony

    Unleash your inner beach babe with the Beach Curl Pony. Beach Curl Pony attaches with a unique comb and velcro attachment and has sexy tousled waves.

    Old Price: $49.00 New Price: $25.00
    48% OFF
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