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  • Gammapiu E-T-C Light Hair Dryer Sale

    Gammapiu E-T-C Light Hair Dryer

    Based on aerodynamic studies, Gamma Piu's ETC Light Professional Hair Dryer utilizes new technology multiplies air speed & pressure saving weight. The new technical devices of the E-T.C. dryer compress air inside the tool. makes the dryer powerful and the most lightweight on the market.

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  • Gammapiu Relax Hair Dryer

    Gammapiu Relax Hair Dryer

    Gammapiu Relax hair dryer is so lightweight and quiet, you will be amazed at its power. The relax dryer was created to reduce the stress of hair styling. The Gammapiu Relax dryer is designed to reduce electromagnetic wave emission (EMF) by 97% as compared to traditional dryers. The hair dryer is also eco-friendly: the case and packaging are completely recyclable.

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  • Gammapiu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer

    Gammapiu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer

    The Gammapiu Active Oxygen hair dryer is the only hair dryer in the world with Active Oxygen emission and Silver Nano Technology. Active oxygen imparts health back into hair and also enhances color. The oxygen has antiseptic effects which help to reduce seborrhoea as well.

    New Price: $199.99
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