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  • Fudge Original Hair Shaper

    Get into the hard stuff with Fudge Shaper!

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Matte Hed Texture Paste

    Get some flexible style to your head with firm hold Matte Hed. Work through your hair for definition and movement with extreme matte texture.

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Hair Putty

    Travel first class all the way with Fudge Putty, the perfect sculpting tool for maximum moulding. Blow-dry it in for extra body and kick, or finish it off for absolute moulding power with a medium hold.

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Mint Shaper

    Get into the hard stuff with Mint Fudge Hair Shaper!

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Sea Salt Spray

    Fudge Sea Salt Spray gives extra body and texture to dull hair.

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Ends

    Fudge Ends is a miracle smoothing treatment for soft silky ends!

    New Price: $15.95
  • Fudge Unleaded Daily Conditioner

    Fudge Unleaded is daily moisture-based conditioner designed for all hair types.

    New Price: $16.99
  • Fudge Wet Hed Conditioner

    Fudge Wet Hed conditioner repairs dry, damaged, colored or chemically treated hair.

    New Price: $22.95
  • Fudge Unleaded Elastik

    Fudge Elastik is a versatile blow dry juice that can be used to style and finish. It's the most fun styling product you'll ever use for when you want to just BLOW AND GO!

    New Price: $20.99
  • Fudge Hair Cement

    Fudge Hair Cement gives extra hold and brilliant shine.

    New Price: $18.95
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