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Shampoos have progressed dramatically and are now custom-designed to fit the specific needs of any hair type. From natural shampoos to keratin-infusing shampoos, Folica has over 500 options to choose from and thousands of customer reviews to peruse.

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  • Fudge Colour Lock Shampoo

    Fudge Colour Lock Shampoo locks in your hair color, leaving it healthy and vibrant for longer.

    New Price: $17.99
  • Fudge Detox

    Fudge Detox purges hair of product, pollution and oil toxins for a real deep clean!

    Old Price: $18.95 New Price: $9.99
    47% OFF
  • Fudge Torture Tonic Shampoo

    Fudge Torture Tonic Shampoo re-hydrates, protects and restores dry and damaged hair.

    Old Price: $17.99 New Price: $13.99
    22% OFF
  • Fudge Dry Shampoo

    Fudge's Dry Shampoo will turn dirty oily hair into clean soft and silky hair!

    New Price: $15.95
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