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  • diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Leave-in Conditioner

    diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Leave-in Conditioner is a light weight conditioner that restores hydration without weighing down hair or build-up.

    New Price: $21.25
  • diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Shampoo

    diCesare Copper Peptide shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair and helps make hair look thicker and fuller. It gently cleanses hair and removes resdiue. Good for chemically treated hair and normal to fine hair. Adds volume to fine hair.

    New Price: $23.25
  • diCesare LiquiFIX Liquid Mousse

    diCesare LiquiFIX Mousse provides an instant way to achieve long lasting results when using any styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons rollers or simply your fingers

    New Price: $24.95
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