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Shampoos have progressed dramatically and are now custom-designed to fit the specific needs of any hair type. From natural shampoos to keratin-infusing shampoos, Folica has over 500 options to choose from and thousands of customer reviews to peruse.

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  • diCesare Bounce Back Waterless Shampoo

    diCesare Bounce Back Waterless Shampoo instantly lifts impurities, toxins, excess oil and product build up from your hair.

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  • diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Shampoo

    diCesare Copper Peptide shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair and helps make hair look thicker and fuller. It gently cleanses hair and removes resdiue. Good for chemically treated hair and normal to fine hair. Adds volume to fine hair.

    New Price: $23.25
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