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diCesare Hair Conditioners

Hair Conditioners

The right conditioner transforms hair from frazzled to fabulous, leaving strands silky and luminous.

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  • diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Leave-in Conditioner

    diCesare Thicken Copper Peptide Leave-in Conditioner is a light weight conditioner that restores hydration without weighing down hair or build-up.

    New Price: $21.25
  • diCesare Focus Waterless Conditioner

    diCesare Focus Waterless Conditioner is a dry conditioner that provides easy combing, helps resist color fade, and prevents damage all without water.

    Old Price: $21.50 New Price: $16.99
    20% OFF
  • diCesare Latte Nurture Conditioner

    diCesare developed Latte's Nurture utilizing the age old benefits of nourishing goat milk protein.

    Old Price: $20.15 New Price: $14.99
    25% OFF
  • diCesare d:Tangler

    Effortlessly untangle those tresses without breaking or damaging your hair with the diCesare d:Tangle.

    Old Price: $28.60 New Price: $21.99
    23% OFF
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