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DENMAN Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes

The best brushes help maintain healthy, shiny hair. Smooth and amplify with the right brush.

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  • Denman Medium Metal Pin Paddle Brush New

    Denman Medium Metal Pin Paddle Brush

    Denman Medium Metal Pin Paddle Brush is perfect for gently grooming all hair lengths and types.

    New Price: $26.25
  • Denman Toddler Brush New

    Denman Toddler Brush

    The Denman Toddler Brush features a detachable fold-out comb, which pivots to provide an extended handle for added grip and control.

    New Price: $10.00
  • DENMAN The Baby "D" Brush Sale

    DENMAN The Baby "D" Brush

    DENMAN The Baby "D" Brush provides gentle grooming and care for infant hair.

    Old Price: $7.99 New Price: $5.99
  • Denman DUO Styler New

    Denman DUO Styler

    Denman DUO Styler does it all! Straighten, curl, flatten, tease, create volume, or brush out your hair with this multi-purpose brush.

    New Price: $19.99
    Ships on Oct 12, 2014
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