The Cricket collection launched over 30 years ago with just one brush, and quickly expanded the line becoming a stylist favorite. Today, Cricket designs professional hair dryers, flat irons, combs, brushes and accessories for salon and everyday use that will blow you away. Hugely popular, Cricket products include wins for American Salon Professional's Choice awards as well as's Stylist Choice awards.



100% Guaranteed Authentic

Folica stands behind the authenticity of everything we sell. Since 1998, Folica has made it our mission to provide you with an outstanding selection of hair and beauty products at highly competitive prices.

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  • Cricket Q-Zone Professional Dryer

    Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Dryer offers Insanely Quiet technology greatly reduces salon noise pollution.

    New Price: $149.95
  • Cricket Ultra Smooth Argan & Olive Oil Conditioning Comb

    Cricket Ultra Smooth Argan & Olive Oil Conditioning Comb separates hair easily without combing out body, and results in hydrated, smooth, shiny hair.

    New Price: $5.99
  • Cricket Tourmaline Technique Thermal Brushes

    Cricket Tourmaline Technique Thermal Brushes feature tourmaline ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp.

    New Price: $11.95 - $22.95
  • Cricket Stylist Carbon Comb 4 Pack

    Cricket Carbon Combs are one of the lightest, strongest and most durable combs in the professional industry. Because of the composition of the carbon material, they are completely static free. This eliminates fly away hair during the cutting process.

    New Price: $12.99
  • Cricket S-2 T-30 Thinning Shear

    Cricket S-2 T-30 Thinning Shear uses advanced steel treatments to alter steel to ensure a longer blade life.

    New Price: $69.99
  • Cricket H20 Spray Bottle

    The Cricket H20 Spray Bottle creates a fine, splatter free mist perfect for re-setting curls or wetting hair for styling.

    New Price: $5.99
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