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Shampoos have progressed dramatically and are now custom-designed to fit the specific needs of any hair type. From natural shampoos to keratin-infusing shampoos, Folica has over 500 options to choose from and thousands of customer reviews to peruse.

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  • Barex Hydro-Therapy Shampoo

    Barex Hydro-Therapy Shampoo showers thirsty hair with moisture, embraces brittleness with shine and softness!

    New Price: $27.50
  • Barex Sun Essential Hair & Body Shampoo

    Barex Sun Essential Hair & Body Shampoo is a delicate cleansing hair shampoo and a rich body wash - all in one!

    New Price: $23.00
  • Barex Delicato Shampoo

    Barex Delicato Shampoo is recommended for fine, limp and anemic hair. It keeps hair within its natural PH range and will not open the cuticle as most other volumizing shampoos do.

    New Price: $27.50
  • Barex ColourLife Shampoo

    Barex ColourLife Shampoo is essential to the preservation, hydration and life of your color.

    New Price: $23.20
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