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Folica stands behind the authenticity of everything we sell. Since 1998, Folica has made it our mission to provide you with an outstanding selection of hair and beauty products at highly competitive prices.

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  • Allure Twist Clip Sale

    Allure Twist Clip

    The Allure Twist Clip is perfect for everyday use! Pull all of your hair back for a full ponytail look or create your own look!

    Old Price: $6.00 New Price: $3.00
  • Allure Hair Hugger

    Allure Hair Hugger

    Allure Hair Hugger is a unique 2 piece comb set that interlocks both above and below the hair for a great look and with excellent hold.

    New Price: $6.00 - $7.50
  • Allure Wave Clip Sale

    Allure Wave Clip

    The Allure Wave Clip is designed with a curved back that contours to your head for maximum comfort and ultiamte style.

    New Price: $8.00 - $10.00
  • Allure Donut Small Sale

    Allure Donut Small

    Create a stylish bun to sit high or at the name of the neck. It's so light you won't even feel it!

    Old Price: $4.00 New Price: $2.75
  • Allure Hair Sticks

    Allure Hair Sticks

    Allure Hair Sticks are great for a quick updo or bun!

    New Price: $6.00
  • Allure Rhinestone Hair Screw Sale

    Allure Rhinestone Hair Screw

    Allure Rhinestone Hair Screw are easy to use and helps dress up your special occasion.

    Old Price: $6.00 New Price: $4.80
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